whats the phrase Tips & Guide and Cheats

What’s the Phrase is a social word-guessing game for iOS, and is made by Zynga. In this game you play against random strangers or Facebook friends. It plays similarly to the Wheel of Fortune TV game which was popular a few years ago: they have to guess a word in turns consisting of three guesses. The player who guesses correctly first wins.


  1. The goal of the game is to guess the word correctly AND to have the most score out of the 2 players. If you guess a word correctly, you earn Coins, which can be spent on various power-ups, such as revealing a consonant on the board or putting point-sappers on the opponent’s keyboard.
  2. Be careful with these power-ups, as the revealing ones help both you and your opponent at the same time!
  3. Vowels cost money. A, E and I are 10 coins; O and U are five gold coins each. It is better to spend coins on new categories and power-ups instead of a random vowel, especially if you’re not sure that it will help you to the solution.
  4. You can always attempt to solve the puzzle without any negative consequences, even if you have no spins left. It is better to attempt and maybe guess correctly by luck than to get busted by the other player at the end.
  5. Tap the screen on the wheel spin or your opponent’s recap to skip the animations.
  6. If you are playing a custom game, you won’t earn any coins, and the word you have to guess can be absolutely anything, even a gibberish word.

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