Trade Nations (iPhone) Cheats & Tips

Become Mayor of your very own Nation, as you grow a small village into a sprawling and efficient city in Trade Nations!

Trade Nations Features Include:

– 80 Levels of content and over 100 unique Achievements to earn as you build your Nation!
– Develop Housing to grow your Nation’s population!
– Harvest raw materials and refine them to create goods and amass a fortune!
– Fuel your economy by establishing Shops, which use harvested resources to create items, goods, and wares in return for Gold!
– Beautify and customize your Nation from an extensive collection of Decorations!
– Connect with friends and establish trading relationships that yield profits!
– Take part in an active Global Market where prices are driven by supply and demand!
– Expand and experience new lands, as you develop the Frontier!
– Enjoy colorful and stimulating graphics and animations!
– Easy to play and enjoyable for Mayors of all ages!

Currently No Cheats for Trade Nations. Leave a Comment below if you have cheats/Tips or want trade partner at the comment section below.

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