Tiny Village (Android&iPhone) Cheats & Tips

Play Tiny Village for FREE and build your very own prehistoric village where you harvest resources, build homes, raise dinos and construct cool shops!

Assign your villagers to work together with dino pets collecting wood, stone and fur, then use them to craft tools, clothes, candy and more. The more you build, the more wondrous your village becomes, growing from a city into a thriving dino nation!

Tap the power of the Magic Rock at the center of your town to unlock beautiful buildings and gorgeous decorations. Use them to build epic Wonders of the World for your village, such as the Hanging Gardens, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids!

Tiny Village (Android&iPhone) Cheats & Tips

The best way to gain experience points on this game would be to build numerous of the shops as you possible so that you can do more jobs inside a shorter length of time.
When you’ll want to make money fast, the simplest way to do it is always to plant a whole bunch of decorations and collect from them as often as you can. This will get you money much more quickly than doing jobs store.


Currently No Cheats for Tiny Village Yet. The Cheats that require you to download something are often virus!

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