TheEndApp (iPhone) Cheats & Tips

The End Begins!
The world comes to an end; run like hell, collect duct tape, and buy goodies for your survival camp. Once the streets are deserted, everything is covered in lava, and you are alone. Yet, you hear the call… and even in the middle of the Collapse, you know it is time to run, to survive!


The End App challenges your reflexes and offers infinite game play with progressive level design and multiple environments. Jump over the burned down police car and reach the hidden duct tape while running through the deserted city. You will be guided through 14 days with 5 challenges for each day. Practice with free-runs for a challenge or buy boosters to take the edge off, but never, ever take your eyes off the duct tape!

Collect them!

3D graphics with vivid, rich colors.
The hottest topic of 2012 told from a rare perspective, making the game unique and funny.
Unleash crazy Power Ups.
The game takes you to multiple environments.
There is a big city to explore, with more than 100 levels.

Cost for Premium Stuff in The End App iPhone
The End Pro Version ($1.99): Enables all features.
Handful of Duct Tape ($0.99): 15,000 DT pack.
Pallet of Duct Tape ($4.99): 150,000 DT pack.
Duct Tape Container ($9.99): 400,000 DT pack.
Duct Tape Shipment ($19.99): 1,000,000 DT pack.

In TheEndApp you Skip Challenges With Duct Tape – But it will forfeit the reward of the levels.

List of Boosters for TheEndApp!
Lucky Coin: Gives you a 50 percent chance to continue after game over.
Headstart: Gives you a movie mode when you start running.
Score Booster: Increases booster value by 100 for one run.
Distance Booster: Increases power-up distances by 20 percent for one run.
Platinum Coin: Increases lucky coin win ratio to 75 percent for one run.

Power-Ups for TheEndApp!
Using the Big Shield is the best power-up!

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