The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery – Tips & Guide

The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery is a “hidden object” puzzle game for Android and iOS platforms. You play as a detective in the secret Order of Seekers, with the goal of solving more than 1,800 quests and puzzles in various locations.

  1. There are various mini-games in addition to finding hidden objects in various scenes. You have to complete these in order to gain certain items, which are required for completing many quests.
  2. If you get a quest-related item BEFORE you start the quest associated with it, you will not be able to turn it in;you need to find it again or have it gifted from a friend. You can sell or gift away your excess items.
  3. If you want to complete a quest by having the item gifted, first go to the Collections menu. Then find the collection the item belongs to, tap the item, and add it to your wishlist. This ensures that your quest will complete upon receiving the item from another player.
  4. Add other players via the Random friends function or via your Facebook account if any of your friends play this game.
  5. secretsociety_gemmatch
    Gem Match is a match-3 type minigame, where your goal is to match with all of the yellow-bordered gems before the time runs out. If no matches are available at a certain point, the board will reshuffle. The only way to lose here is to run out of time, so act and think quickly!
  6. secretsociety_Blocks2
    The Blocks minigame’s goal is to move the yellow block into the exit on the left or the right side of the board. You need to clear all of the obstacles between the exit and the block, and swipe the yellow block into the exit to succeed. Each level has a pre-determined solution, but you can use two power-ups for help: Time Machine adds 45 seconds to the timer, and Seeker’s Eye removes a random block from the board.
  7. secretsociety_Pipes2
    The goal in the Pipes mini-game is to create a fully uninterrupted pipeline using the elements present in the board. Rotate them to create a pipeline with no beginning or end. Start on the outside elements, then move to the surroundings of the 4-way elements.
  8. If you need an item which drops from a certain anomaly, then keep playing various pictures to trigger their appearances. Leave the existing anomalies alone, as the can morph into other ones over the course of a few days.

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