The Secret of Grisly Manor FAQ & Questions Answer

Q:How does one a) open the door to the study, b) get the goldfish out of the water, and c) where to find the fuse for the bathroom? I’m clueless!
A:Get out of the goldfish bowl by plugging the bathtub and fill it with water? Put the goldfish in the bathtub and then fill jar with water again (in the bathtub) to put our fire in the fireplace

Q:How can I discover the mechanism of the color light thing? And what should I put in the scale to balance it?
A:Go to the attic, open the case and the background is the mechanism of light. Then complete the puzzle globe, thecube put into the fire and use water to extinguish the fire theres your weight! you go into the trunk thing and those symbols are the ones you press, in that order.

Q:What does the paper that says? What does the paper that says 4-15 go to?
A:Go to the picture by the stairs then on the pic look to your left and there will be a small piece of paper.

Q:What do you use the heart shaped jewel for?
A:heart shaped jewel is to be put in where the gargoyles are at.

Q:What’s the wrench for?
A: The key opens the door secert in the room. You will need to go to the letter on the fridge, and get color working for LOVE. Use these colors on the glob and it will open.

Q: When putting the clock at the correct time (5:40) nothing happens. How do I get around this? I know the next piece of the game comes from the clock.
A: Select the symbols found at the bottom of the trunk in the attic.the symbols are under the stump in the backyard on a atone table.this should show you the time 8:25 in light blue. The clock wont done unless this is done.

Q:I can’t figure out how to open the globe, I can’t figure out the clue about the study and which room is the study?
A:The white portion of the wheels on that car drawing is in relation to the bird sculptures. Each tire shows the direction each bird needs to be in.

Q:I am done found grandpa out sitting in yard outback how do I get to next step after reading his letter.
A:Throught the cube in the fire then thought the water on the fire then grab the 5g weight from the cube witch is in the fire then go to the room were you found the unblnced weight think put the weight in there your get a combo write the combo in 42-34-15 the it’s stright foward from here then boom you compleated it well done.

Q:What do I do after I get the passcode for the tree stump and then it lights up?
A:It shows you the hands of the clock, and where to place them.

Q:How to set the numbers 42-34-15, 34 is not getting enabled?
A:You have to mobe the lever very slowly and it will select the 34.

Q:After get the wooden sealed box, what’s next??
A:Put the box in the fireplace! Inside the box you can find a scale. Extinguish fire with fish bowl filled with bathtub water.

Q:How to open shed?
A:You need to open the chest in the attic. Once you have opened it you will find a magnet. You then have to go back downsatir and you have to click on the mat and it folds over. You then use the magnet to retrieve the object, which it a ping fork. Next go to the shed, click on the ear and use the ping fork and it will open the shed.

4 thoughts on “The Secret of Grisly Manor FAQ & Questions Answer

  • December 20, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    how shouyld i open the last door with the colouful circles ?

  • July 13, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    How can i open the globe??? I put the love colors in the globe and nothIng happens 🙁

  • May 7, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    well gaza this is the web address address ,ring them for advice ,just say derinsy told you to ring

  • April 1, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    Q: where do I find the key at to unlock the bottom of the stairs?? && What do I use to plug the bathtub bottom up and where do I find it at??


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