The Secret of Grisly Manor Cheats & Walkthrough

The Secret of Grisly Manor Walkthrough for Bathtub Stopper for the Bathtub
In the silent room dining click the cuckoo clock on the wall to zoom in. Turn the dials to move the hands on the clock face (the movement dial left the hour, the dial on the right moves the minute hand) to set the time to 8.25 so it matches the light beams of the cave. When the cuckoo clock is set out revealing the tub stopper.

Everything must happen in the correct order for things to work.
Once you put the stopper in the tub, you run some water, dump in the fish and refill the bowl w/ water. Once you burn the box from the globe in the fireplace, you’ll need to use the water to put out the fire and collect the contents of the box.

Bathroom Passageway
Use the key from your inventory on the large bolt on the wall of the room and then click the key to activate it. If done correctly will reveal a secret passage that you can pass.

Finding the Hallway with the Gargoyles
If you go up the stairs and click on the wall of the bathroom and the little room inbetween girls, you will find the hallway with the Gargoyles.

Wall Safe in the Study
Find the two pieces of paper to complete the combination 42-34-15. The first piece of paper is in the picture frame above the stairs in the foyer, and the second part is in the locked cupboard in the shed. When you complete the combination of the first two sliders move very slowly so you do not skip numbers. If you encounter problems that it may be a technical problem or delay. Make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed, empty your browser cache and close all other applications you may have running. If you still have difficulty trying to run the game in another browser.

There is a key behind the dog poster in the study! You get to study when you place the fuse in the hidden space behind fusbox in batheroom! The door opens LOL! The key is to the door under the stairs

The colors of the globe are the same as the colors of love on the fridge, you get a wooden box, but then in the log barn and a log that is hidden from the outside to put that on the right light fire with matches and put the wooden box on your weight is safe for the study.

How to Open the Last Door
Before you find grandpa you need to open the last door with bright circles. What you must do is align the first, leftmost, the internal arrow, with the outside. Do not touch the circle centered at all during this operation. Instead of aligning the rightmost circle with an arrow on the outside, and the middle one will align. The three circles should be bright and the door will open only if all arrows inside and outside of each circle facing each other.

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