Tap Titans tips and tricks/Cheats For Android

Tap Titans is a fairly simple boss fighter game where you tap like mad to kill the Titans, of which there are more than 60. Here are some tips and tricks for this game.

Tap Titans tips

  1. When deciding whether to keep leveling a hero, look at its stats screen to determine if it has any Global skills denoted by star icons. If these are beneficial to you, then it may be worth to keep leveling that hero, otherwise just stop leveling them at 600 the latest.
  2. If you have a hero whom you rarely use, but you need its Global Bonus, don’t evolve them, as it resets the hero’s skills!
  3. Don’t forget to keep leveling your main Hero, and its Tap Damage, which can be upgraded via the first icon on the bottom of the screen. If you find a boss to be too hard, grind the earlier ones for coins, and use those to upgrade your Tap Damage.
  4. The later you evolve your Heroes by going into Prestige ranks, the more effect prestiging will have on your Relic progression. An example: there is a bigger jump in relic gain when prestiging every 15 lvls after 90, so 104-105 is bigger than before 103-104, because 105 is the 15th level after 90.
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  6. You will gain 1 relic per total of 1000 Hero levels at the point of prestiging, so if you want to gain more relics at a time, level up as many Heroes as you can before prestiging. Also make sure that all of them are alive at that time, since dead Heroes are not counted.
  7. If you have an artifact item which you don’t need, consider salvaging it. Cost of the next item is calculated based on how many artifacts do you already have. So if you salvage one artiact, then the next one will cost exactly as much as the last one before, essentially halving the cost.
  8. Remember to salvage unneeded artifacts as soon as possible, because Diamond costs for salvages go up per Artifact you possess! For example, 5-10 artifacts cost 50-100 diamonds per item to salvage, while 15 artifacts cost 200-300 to salvage PER ITEM!
  9. If you want to use Guardian Shield to prevent your Heroes from dying, pop it as early as you can, as its costs go up the later in a battle you use it.
  10. When prestiging, the main Hero’s level only counts up to level 600, so it isn’t worth overleveling him.
  11. The bosses can only kill your heroes between 5 and 25 seconds. So either you kill them under 5 seconds, use Guardian Shield to gain a bit more time after 5 sesonds, or wait 25 seconds and start tapping after that.

Tap Titans Date Glitch/Cheats (No Root or Jailbreak needed)

1)You go to your phone settings.
2)You turn on your wifi, and go back into tap titans
3)You claim the money, go back to settings, turn off wifi
4)change time again, go to tap titans again
5)Turn wi-fi on again, go into tap titan again and claim the money. This is a huge hassle and not worth it and therefore I recommend if 6)you still can, limit the amount of times you use this glitch in a day. I apologize to anyone who got screwed over, you can continue 7)playing legit, or, start over, glitch an hour or so every day, and make back everything. I apologize that this was patched and am looking for a permanent hack

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