Tap Defense Tips & Cheats

Tap Defense is a classic tower-defense style game for iOS, in which your goal is to defend the lanes and your base from various invading monsters. You lose if 20 creatures pass your base, and the goal is to defeat a set amount of enemy waves per level.

1. Unlike other, more recent Tower Defense games, in Tap Defense your gold carries over between levels. Thus it is better to use fewer, but more powerful towers instead of putting down a lot more, cheaper towers, which cost more in the long run. If a monster or two makes its way into your base, it is not a huge deal; just ensure that the number stays more than 0 during the course of the entire game up to level 43.
2. Put towers next to curves in the road, as it guarantees longer usefulness and more attacks on the incoming enemies, which almost always travel on the road. You should also upgrade these towers first to let them shoot even more.

3. Save your gold for the bosses, which are 2-3 times stronger than the average monsters that came just before them. A good strategy is to just use Arrow towers in the early game, and upgrade the ones along the curves f the road first. When the bigger monsters start coming, throw in a Bomb tower or two for more damage.
4. Use your Halo items to build up your Interest rate, which helps you by earning more gold passively.
5. Always spend your money near the beginning of a new level, never near the end. This is because the aforementioned Interest rate depends on your available money at the end of a level.
6. Don’t sell your towers, ever. You won’t get enough money out of them. Instead place them more strategically, and be aware that even a badly places tower is useful in a very minor way, more than the amount of money you would receive from selling it.
7. As you progress in the game, try to have 2 or 3 different tower types placed and fully upgraded, with the Arrow towers as your basic, and maybe Bomb Towers as your secondary towers. The reason for this is that some later monsters will be immune to one type of damage, thus you’ll need a different kind of tower to kill them.

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