Summoners War tips, tricks and cheats

Summoners War is a turn-based RPG in which you collect monsters to help you defeat your enemies. You collect them, evolve them into more powerful ones, and test your mettle against other monster collectors in the Arena. The game can be quite intimiating and complex at first, so here are some tips and tricks for it.


  1. Every monster you capture belongs to one of the following five: Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Dark. Water hits Fire, Fire hits Wind, Wind hits Water, and Light/Dark hit each other equally. You can check each individual monster’s elemental affinity on its stat page, below its picture, next to the rating.
  2. In battles, you should always focus on taking down the opposing monsters one by one, ensuring that their numbers will go down more quickly than if you would have hit them separately. If you can use multi-target skills, you can apply those too; they will help you when your primary target will be the second, third or even fourth remaining monster on the field.
  3. Whenever you encounter a boss, it is especially important to take note of its primary weakness, and fill up your party with monsters that fare well against that element. If needed, grind earlier levels with specific monsters to level them up before taking on the boss.
  4. Utilize Angelmon and Devilmon alongside your normal monsters. Angelmon can be found in random elemental dungeons or the Angel Garden, and they can give your monsters LOTS of Experience points. Devilmon boost certain skills of monsters, and they mostly live in the Devilmon Cave and the Glory Shop areas.
  5. Construct the following buildings, and store some of your less often used monsters in them to earn passive EXP: Tranquil Forest, Gusty Cliffs and Crystal Lake. Each of these buildings can house 3-5 monsters, depending on the type, but you also need to pay attention to the houses’ and monsters’ elemental affinity. Place monsters into the corresponding houses in order to earn the EXP. It is 100 or 150 EXP per hour.
  6. Complete Daily Missions for bonus EXP and premium currencies. Completing all daily quests can earn you up to 10 Crystals per day.
  7. If you want to grind levels a bit faster, use an online friend’s very strong leader monster alongside your weaker ones. The friend’s  monster does not gain any XP, but can help your weaker ones to overcome otherwise impossible levels basically alone. Eyperience goes to your other 3-4 monsters, in a much better distribution than if you had +1 monster of your own.
  8. Have at least one strong healer on your teams, and put them on the front. Fairies are amazing healers and tanks at the same time, so you should always have at least one in every team composition.
  9. Remember to evolve your monsters into stronger ones when they hit their current max level.

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