Stickman Rush Tips & Cheats For iPhone & android

Stickman Rush is a really simple endless runner game. Your goal is to reach the highest score possible while collecting coins on the road and avoiding various obstacles such as roadblocks, signs, cars and more. The further you make it until you crash, the higher your score will be.

Stickman Rush guide

  1. Always try to anticipate the incoming traffic. Some cars are faster, some slower, thus you’ll need to plan ahead a bit before swiping up or down.
  2. Remember to claim your free gift every day! It is a few coins usually, which you can use to buy new cars. Those are only for cosmetics, and don’t change the gameplay.
  3. Decide between collecting coins and reaching a new high score. Trying to focus on both doesn’t help you in concentrating on the game.

    STICKMAN RUSH Review iPhone 

Stickman Rush Game Info

The traffic is very bad today! Drive your stickman’s vehicle through highway traffic, jump over the obstacles, and change lanes to avoid the other cars. Collect coins to unlock new vehicles.

How far can you go ?

◉ Swipe up or down to change lanes.
◉ Swipe to the right to jump over an obstacle.
◉ Avoid the cars and collect coins.

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