Star Wars: Commander iOS & Androids – Cheats & Tips Guide

Star Wars: Commander is a new game by Disney imitating the Clash of Clans formula. It is about building your base, setting up defenses, training soldiers, attacking other players’ bases and doing single-player storyline missions. Here are some helpful tips & strategy for this online strategy game.
Star Wars Commander cheats

Star Wars: Commander Walkthrough & Tips List

1. Build up your resources first! It is more important to have a faster stream of resources, than having earlier large soldier pool, as resources are needed for everything, including soldiers. If you lag behind on the resource generator building’s level, your higher leveled soldiers won’t matter much, because it will take a lot of time just to wait for adequate amount of resources to spend them on.

Star Wars: Commander – Farming Secrets

2. When preparing to battle with other players try to find weaker opponents: keep tapping the Search button until it gives you a fairly undefended enemy bas e with more resources. But be mindful that each Search costs a small amount of money.

3. Earn free Crystals by cleaning up the debris which appears every 8 hours, completing achievements and linking your game to Facebook. There are no unlimited crystal hacks for this game which work.

4. Only use the earned crystals on purchasing additional Droids, which will enable you to construct more buildings simultaneously. Don’t waste them on speeding up resource gains or constructions.

5. It is recommended that you join a clan, which is called a Squad in this game. You and your Squad mates can help each other by donating resources and soldiers to one another. Also you will be able to participate in Squad Battles with others.

6. Try to compress your base on the center of the playfield as much as possible. Throw the unimportant buildings, like the Droid workers’ huts and Barracks on the corners of the playfield, and huddle the resources and the Headquarters together, behind several lines of walls from all sides. Get ideas from other, tougher players on base layouts. Or another tactic: use your not important buildings as an extra layer of defense in range of your turrets. It will take a little longer for the enemy to approach your base.

Star Wars Commander tips

7. Put the Shield Generators over your resource buildings and the Headquarters to protect them. When you are attacking, you need to use the appropriate Heroes to bring the enemy’s Shields down. If you don’t have Heroes yet, avoid all bases which have Shields over them.

8. There is a strategy which involves other players looking for really easy trophies. Put your resource buildings under heavy defenses and your Headquarters somewhere outside, far from them. Many players will only attack the HQ and leave, sparing your resources.

Star Wars Commander Android & iOS What Is the Best Defense?

9. You can play the single-player story missions without breaking your protective shield. Earn some extra loot by playing these while your base is shielded from enemy players.

10. Empire VS Rebel side: Rebels can build Hero Command immediately, and you’ll have to wait for Headquarters LVL 4 for Factory. In the Empire it is vice versa: Factory is immediately buildable, and Hero Command is at HQ level 4.

Star Wars Commander – Tips and Tricks Videos Without Spending Real Money!

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