SPY mouse (Iphone) Cheats + Tips

Embark on a journey of epic proportions from the makers of Flight Control and Real Racing – over two years in the making!

Agent Squeak *is* SPY mouse, a super-secret operative serving the needs of mice everywhere.

Can the world’s smallest hero prevail in one of iPhone’s biggest games? His fate’s in your hands!

★ Sneak, scamper and snack your way through 70+ deviously challenging levels!

★ 6 unique worlds, full of adventure, each with their own diabolical hench-cat to outwit.

★ Run circles around your feline foes using all manner of zany gadgets, gizmos and power-ups!

★ Cat trouble? Recruit the help of the exotic Kiska and get your mission back on track.

★ Forever fun with achievements, secret levels and thrilling, action-packed updates!

Slip into the astounding world of SPY mouse and find out how deep the mouse hole goes…

What’s New in Version 1.1.0

Introducing Volcano Island – a perilous world to explore! Join Agent Squeak as he faces all-new challenges in this fiery episode; armed with exciting power-ups to take on devious new enemies!

* 11 challenging new levels, each with 3 goals to achieve
* Dangerous Jungle Cats wielding poison darts make their first appearance
* New obstacles, including collapsible terrain, fireballs and lava pits
* Deploy a robust array of power-ups, from Banana Peels to Invinci-balls
* Meet Digger the Dog and visit his newly opened shop
* Now view your achievements through Game Center
Spy Mouse 4-8 Strung

Hidden Levels For SPY MOUSE

In world one, there is a secret level. In order to get to it, you simply make a path from level 1-7 to a piece of tar diagonal from it.
In world two, there is also a secret level, to get to it, you make a path from the boss level to a pile of trash, located straight past the “Play!” sign.

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