Sonic Dash Tips & Cheats iPhone & Android

Sonic Dash is and endless runner game featuring SEGA’s famous blue hedgehog and the rings it collects. Run, jump, dash, attack enemies and avoid obstacles to get the highest score you can! Here are several tips and tricks for the game to help you get better.

Sonic Dash cheats

  1. The most important task in this game is collecting rings, as they are your main currency used for upgrades. If you bump into an enemy, you’ll lose all of your unsaved rings. Ti save your rings, run into the Save icons at checkpoints (in the right side lane on the image below).
  2. If you hit a large obstacle or fall into water, you die, but can revive yourself once for free by watching a 10 seconds long ad video.
  3. If you want to keep running further, always have at least one ring on you, as it will help you survive a single hit from a small obstacle or enemy at the cost of the rings you collected and didn’t bank.
  4. Boss battles are really easy in this game, unlike the classic Sonic on the SEGA consoles. You only have to dodge the boss’s projectiles by changing lanes left and right, and when you reach it, tap on the appearing crosshairs to make Sonic defeat them.
  5. Don’t buy temporary power-ups with the normal and red rings you earned; spend them on permanent upgrades and characters, as these are a much better investment.
  6. You have daily challenges, missions and a free spin for various bonuses, so log in daily for these to earn rings and power-ups a little faster.
  7. If you want to spend a little money, consider the double ring upgrade, which makes every ring you pick up worth double.

Sonic Dash Tips Cheats

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