Snoopy’s Street Fair Cheats & Tips – Iphone & Android

Snoopy’s Street Fair Cheats & Tips for Iphone and Android. The Cheats will help you get alot of money!

This cheat will works on iPad 1 and 2.

– Go to settings and switch the time about one hour foward.

– Go back to your game, pick up all the money.

– Do the same thing as the first step.

– Continue the same, but not too long. MAX. 18 h.


Increase Experience Points:

Complete the game’s collections to increase your Experience points. Collections are made up of several themed items, for example the Flying Ace set is composed of goggles, hat, and scarf.

To Improve Stalls:

Snoopy’s Street Fair stalls can be improved by tapping on them and hitting the ‘upgrade’ button.

Earn Cash

The quickest way to earn cash is to pack your street fair with manned stalls, which are run by classic characters from the Peanuts gang (only five of the game’s 18 manned stalls can be purchased for Coins). Manned stalls produce revenue and Experience points at specific intervals.


Decorations are a good source of Experience points, but they don’t earn you any money. Don’t waste valuable currency on them unless you really have to.

Buy Wisely

If you decide to spend some real-world cash on in-game currency, don’t waste it speeding up processes. Instead, use it to buy another new stall.

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