Smurfs’ Village Cheats

Miner Smurf’s Minigame
In this game if you keep a diamond on the rock for the same diamond can, it seems to be found as coal. The diamonds are usually near the edges of the screen or in the middle.

Fast Cash

If you are sick of waiting to cultivate plants, go to the Settings menu and select “General”. Now select “Date and time” and uncheck “Use automatic settings” and then change the time for your plants by hand. Note: You can count with this exploit about 20 times to a couple of Smurfs.

Unlock Additional Paint Colors
After unlocking Painter Smurf (using 30 Smurfberries), you will be able to paint the roofs of huts, fences, benches, bridges, etc. At first, only the first three colors will be available (Blue, Red, and White). To unlock the other colors, simply play the Painter Smurf’s minigame and complete all the pictures with at least a “close to perefection” ranking.
Brown – Complete an image of a Lamp Post.
Dark Blue – Complete an image of some Mushrooms.
Green – Complete an image of Smurfette.
Gray – Complete an image of a Well.
Maroon – Complete an image of a Smurf Hut.
Pink – Complete an image of Papa Smurf.
Sky Blue – Complete an image of some Flowers.
Violet – Complete an image of a Cake.
Yellow – Complete an image of a Gift Box.

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