Smurf’s Village Cheats for Iphone & Android

This Smurfs’ Village cheat allows the owner to increase the number of smurfs dramatically without needing to upgrading your mushroom house and spending gold and the need to not wasting your smurfberries. But, contrary it populates your village with more smurfs as well as increasing your XP.

Here is how this works?
It only works if you build mushroom house. Normally Smurfs’ mushroom houses take from several hours to build up to a 1 minute to 15 or, if you work at a high level with all these Smurfs Cheat mushroom houses, but preferably, the blue fungus, because it takes only 1 minute to build.

So this is what you need for Smurfs’ Village Cheats:

1)Tap to build on the hammer on the left corner to a mushroom house, (select it takes the least time, for example, to build the house bleu mushrooms)
2) Choose the right spot where you want to build it and select the blue circle
3) If the construction is tap on the hammer symbol (on the right hand) and start typing again to “MOVE” icon on the left. That’s the trick, if you want to move the house incomplete, you choose, you’ll see a transparent shadow of a mushroom house complete.
4)So if they build the Smurf is almost (before it is painted), simply move the transparent shadows of the house along, but make sure you DO NOT press the green button to move it, hold the shadows.
5)Wait has finished until the actual construction of the Smurf mushroom house, which was first submitted, at this point would lead to the transparent shadows of the house you want to move and press the tick.
6)At this point, if you check the box to push it to build the Smurf mushroom house and back to just create it again, and gain more and more Smurfs XPs at no extra charge.
7) You can repeat this process over and over to get more Smurfs and XPS until you get on board.

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