Skylanders Cloud Patrol Iphone App

Skylanders Cloud Patrol is set in a new region of Skylands that has been overrun by the evil minions of Portal Master, Kaos. With all 30-plus Skylanders available to unlock, the game lets players take command of a magnificent sky-ship and use their favourite Skylander to dispatch the baddies using touch gestures to tap-and-shoot or swipe the screen to create amazing combos..

The Press is loving Skylanders Cloud Patrol!

– Kotaku’s “Gaming App of the Day”!
– “One of the coolest things about mobile gaming is the surprise apps no one saw coming. Case in point, Skylanders Cloud Patrol.” – Gametrailers
– “Skylanders Cloud Patrol has just surpassed Cut the Rope as my favorite smartphone game and promises to be another hit for the makers of the popular Skylanders.” – GeekDad

Not familiar with Skylanders? No problem! Cloud Patrol is an easy to learn, action-packed game that everyone can enjoy.

In this unique arcade shooter, tap to shoot or slide your finger across targets creating amazing combos to knock the trolls out of the Skylands. Score the highest combo per area to get more points and collect more loot. Complete goals to level up and earn gems to unlock more Skylanders and Magic items that help you power through your adventure. Dominate the leaderboards and show your friends who rules the skies!

Skylanders Cloud Patrol has full support for your existing Skylander Figure collection! You can immediately unlock any of the Skylanders figures you already own to get a leg up on those nasty trolls.

Skylanders Cloud Patrol features:
– Tons of Magic Item boosts such as Anvil Rain and Time Twister to super power your adventure.
– Play with over 30 different Skylanders characters.
– Support for your existing Skylander Spyro’s Adventure Toy Collection. If you already own Skylanders toys, use your web code card to unlock Skylanders and magic items in Cloud Patrol.
– Friend and Global Game Center Leaderboards – what’s your high score?
– 30 Game Center Achievements!
– Universal App with support for iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

One thought on “Skylanders Cloud Patrol Iphone App

  • August 3, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    The developers of Skylanders said that when they first acreoaphpd a new Spyro game, they wanted something dark, bloody, and violent. After a while, they realized that’s not what gamers wanted from another Spyro game, so they went back to the drawing board and came up with the ingenious idea of interacting with physical toys to power a video game. That idea works brilliantly, but as an adult gamer, I can also see where their original desire to create a game for older players shines through, even if only a little bit. Make no mistake this is a game designed for kids. But any geeky adult, of either the standard hardcore gamer or the action figure-collecting variety, will likely fall in love with the mechanics in play here. Especially if you’ve got friends (or your kids have friends) that pick this up, too. In a nutshell, the game is powered by your physical action figures, which load up your in-game characters when they’re placed on the Portal pad. The figurines have memory chips, and your in-game progress and awards/power-ups are stored on the physical pieces themselves, meaning you can take one of the figures over to a friends house to hop into their game. And here’s the kicker it doesn’t matter if your friend is playing on Wii, PS3, Xbox, or even 3DS because the figures store their in-game progress, it doesn’t matter what console or device you play them on. I plan on picking up the 3DS version as well, so I can play with my characters on the big screen at home, and them bring them with me on the road whenever I can.As far as actual gameplay goes, the first hour is slow, but the platforming and puzzles start to get much more interesting after that. And after you start opening up the world, it really feels like an old-school Spyro game (PS1 era, like the original). This starter pack includes 3 figures: 1 tech, 1 magic, and 1 water. Those are 3 of the EIGHT elements in the game. So make no mistake: if you want to play 100% of the game, you WILL have to purchase at least 1 figure from each of the other elements. They can be easily found for $8 each, or $20 for a 3-pack. There are also Adventure packs that are $20 and come with a character, a level (more like a world), and some extra bonus items. Those adventure packs are the worst deal, in my opinion, but it looks like they’ll almost be required purchases if you want to collect all 32 of the Skylanders figures. All things considered, I’m very pleasantly surprised by this game. It’s got some depth for the pen-and-paper gamers out there (represent), but will also really light up most kids. Very interactive and original. Can’t wait to see how they expand this franchise.


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