Ski On Neon Cheats & Tips

How do you pass the Alpine Boost level on the app Ski on Neon?

Just keep tapping on the screen to cause your skier to crouch on the way down hills to pick up speed, and release your finger at just the right time to jump. Do it correctly four times in a row to obtain a neon boost in Ski on Neon. No exact cheats to beat Alpine Boost level online.

Dominates all courses? The “Red Menace” level pack offers you the possibility, 30 additional levels for only 0.99 cents. New backgrounds, new achievements and new, more challenging courses! Feed your new habit frustrating addicted to the “Red Menace” level pack!

Ever wondered what is like skiing in the futuristic utopian society that is just around the corner? So we did! Our guess is something like this …

Rule # 1 If you can not do, is it on a neon tube, it’s not worth doing!
Rule # 2 Strange colored spandex suits are mandatory!
Rule # 3 Anyone who does get good things to turn into a fireball! (That’s odd, is not it?)

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