Siege Hero iPhone & Android – Cheats and Tips Guide

Siege Hero is a medieval-themed game similar to Angry Birds or Crush the Castle. Your goal is to cause damage to the enemy keep and the soldiers inside it by swiping rocks towards them. Get the highest score possible by causing as much damage as possible with the fewest throws!

Siege Hero tips

  1. There are no star ratings in this game; instead, you can earn a crown based on your score and the amount of rocks thrown.
  2. Use physics to your advantage, especially on later levels with multiple structures next to each other. Knock out a higher part of a structure in order to make it fall on the one next to it, knocking over the soldiers in both structures.
  3. Remember that your primary goal for high scores is to knock over soldiers; damage to the structures comes secondary.
  4. On the later levels you’ll be able to choose from several different projectiles, such as bombs. Use these on an inner part of a structure for maximum effect.
  5. Practice a lot if you get stuck in a level, and try to guess where you should shoot. Or watch a video guide if you’re impatient.

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