Shooting Showdown (iPhone) Cheats & Tips

The world’s first virtual reality shooting range! Match up against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in a head-to-head showdown. Hyper-realistic muzzle flash, bullet tracers, and impact sounds make for a spectacular next-gen experience.

✭ Over 2 million users in 1 week! Thanks to everyone for making Shooting Showdown the App Store’s most popular game!

“Bursting at the seams with multiplayer insanity.” – Free Apps Arcade

“The closest experience you can have to the actual thrill of being out on the range.” – Sgt. Jeremy A. (USMC), Advanced Weapons and Tactics Instructor

“Dust off your weapon and prepare to take aim.” – AppAdvice

✭ Coming soon: another major update with new game modes and a special surprise. Keep the ideas coming!

✔ Gyroscope controls mean you take aim with your device– how accurate are you really?
✔ Head-to-head multiplayer through GameCenter, against your friends or random players anywhere in the world
✔ Physics-based shooting challenges including destructible plates and flip targets
✔ A practice range for honing your skills before competing online
✔ Leaderboards and Achievements to track your improvement
✔ Unlockable guns

The best way is to challenge your friends to matches. Win or lose, the more games you play against different friends (it has to be different ones from each other) the more coins it seems to give you

Currently No Cheats for Shooting Showdown. Leave a Message below, if you have tips or cheats to share with other users!

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