Scramble With Friends (Iphone App) Cheats & Tips

Everyone’s favorite word game is back, with all new features to enjoy with your friends!

Scramble With Friends™ joins the world’s most popular word-game franchise… If you like Words With Friends™ and Hanging With Friends™, you’re gonna love this one!

Scramble With Friends™ is the fast, fun game of finding words in a jumbled grid. Quickly slide your finger over adjacent letters to form words forwards, backwards, sideways…any way you can!

Features in Scramble With Friends™:
★ Improved the classic Word Scramble game with a whole new look and feel!
★ Challenge your friends in 3, two-minute rounds…the player with the highest score wins.
★ Power-Ups! Use Freeze Time, Inspire, and Scramble to gain an edge on your friends!
★ Login with your Facebook© account to play against your friends, or challenge a random opponent across the world.

Scramble With Friends Tips

Few tips and tricks on how to get more points in the new mobile game, Scramble with Friends by Zynga.

Tip #1: Tokens

The first difference between Words With Friends and Scramble With Friends is tokens, which may limited the amount of playing you can do at a time. Mostly likely developed by Zynga as a way to create profit from the game, there are ways around it.

Tip #2: Power Ups
Scramble With Friends has three different power ups. They are Freeze, Inspiration and Scramble. Each one is exactly as it sounds. Freeze will freeze the timer, inspiration will give you three words and scramble will rotate the board.

You are allowed one power up during each round and for an additional token, you can choose a second one. If you are playing a skilled opponent, it would be worth using a second power up. You can also select the same power up twice, if you find one as your favorite.

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