Rage of Bahamut (Android) Cheats & Tips

Battle other players in a trading card game for the ages.

With over 1 million players in Japan, Rage of Bahamut comes to Android for the first time!


★ Hundreds of stunning cards to collect, with more constantly being added
★ Fast & easy battles on the go with stunning and alluring characters
★ Daily updates to continue to expand your deck
★ Live single and multiplayer action from a seemingly endless database of battle hungry foes!
★ Quests to claim your place in Rage of Bahamut history

Dark is the day, gone is the wonder…
Find your path, conquer the world…
Alone or allied, make the world bow down…
Smell the victory, taste the triumph…

Be Human – Be Godly – Be Evil
Choose an allegiance to strive for control of your world!

The game at first seemed to be another typical time sink or generic app, but after testing my skepticism, I found myself highly addicted to this fun TCG (Trading Card Game) app. As you level up, you spend points in your stats to either progress in the quest line more quickly, or to battle others more effectively. You can balance these stats if you choose, or specialize for various purposes. At the start, you choose between the 3 races: Man, Gods, or Demons. This alignment gives the cards that you use with the same alignment bonuses to their stats and skills. Men cards tend to be slightly more balanced, Gods have a tendency to be a bit more defensive, while Demons seem to prefer more offensive cards. In the end, they are all just as good, so choose the art/card style that suits you best. Enhance your good cards completely and they will retain 10% of their stats when you evolve them rather than the usual 5%. Running quest 2-5 over and over is a good way to gain a bunch of cheap cards to use for enhancing purposes for only 3 stamina. Overall, the game is a lot of fun, definitely worth a try!

Rage of Bahamut Tips!
You get 5 stats when you add a fellow and you lose 5 when you remove one. Save cure water and holy powder for high level. Invest in stamina to level up fast in early stages.

Here are Some Tips by James Lee
1-as it is stated above, invest on stamina for the early part of the game. The only way you will level up in this game is through the quests, and quests cost stamina.

2-Do not miss the bonuses offered. Starting with the referral code bonus (by the way, my referral code is LFW79395… just sayin…), there is a bonus that you get when you tweet about the game in the SNS section in the menu, and you get a “daily bonus” when you enter “my page” once every day. These give you money and some “friendship points,” which you can use to buy starting cards.

3-Do not try to enhance normal cards. Enhancements take like 100 normal cards to achieve MAX, and costs a lot, so it is better to just use them as level1. Of course, it is strongly recommended that you evolve them.

4-When evolving, it may give you slightly, very slightly stronger stats if you combine 8 cards instead of 4 cards. But, since this costs a lot more, and is a waste of a time, I personally won’t recommend it. Just in case you didn’t know, an evolved card has + signs on its name indicating how many times it evolved. For example,When you evolve “Fighter” card with another “Fighter” card (you can only evolve a card with a card with same name, but it doesn’t have to be on a same rank), it becomes a “Fighter+” card. Once evolution is maxed out (3 times evolved), +’s disappear, and your card becomes a named card with a “[nickname]cardname” as the name, and its rarity rises one step higher. Since you can evolve a card with a card with a same name but of a lesser rank, it is possible to achieve this with 4 cards, but you get more stats if you combine 8 of a same card into 4 + cards, 4 + cards into 2 ++ cards, and those two into a named card. Of course, I say this again, I wouldn’t recommend it. And It also works by enhancing the cards with other cards and leveling them up before you evolve their ranks, and I would recommend you do this with higher cards, like S rare cards.

5-Skills. There are some cards that have “skills” embedded in them. Those cards are useful when you battle against another player. Some increase your attack points or decrease the enemy’s defense points when attacking, and some decrease the enemy’s attack points or increase your defense points when defending. Skills can be leveled up by enhancing the cards with other cards that have skills, and they do not have to be a same card, like evolving is.

6-This concerns evolving again. When you rank a card up by evolving it, its levels and skill levels are set back to 0. So consider it well before you do.

7-Att/Def stats. In the beginning, you do not have to focus on defense so much. Focus on attack points, and it is not late to worry about defense when your level is around 15.

8-Form decks carefully. There are several decks you have to form before being prepared. In the beginning, just use the recommended decks they give you, and there is no problem. However, later, when you get some more cards, your recommended deck gets messed up. here are some tips to making an efficient deck:
1. Use your realm choice wisely. You should have chosen between man, god, and demon when you first joined the game. Cards with same “realm” as you (man-blue, god-green, demon-red) gets a bonus in attacking or defending.
2. Form decks by considering your skills according to the enemy. You can change what you chose for attacking whenever you attack, but you cannot for defending. That is why you have to pre-set the defending sets. When you go to “Edit Deck” page in the menu, you see Anti-mortal deck, Anti-Divine deck, and Anti-demonic deck. Many of the skills of the cards are limited to a certain “realm,” so fit the decks with appropriate cards. For example, “Skeleton Fighter” card’s skill, Bone Shield, has an affect “small hit to foe’s gods ATK.” Therefore, I would consider putting them into an Anti-Divine DEF deck, which sets it against players who chose God realm in the beginning, who are most likely to chose god cards to attack. Best cards to use would be cards with “(all)” skills, which means that the skill is in effect no matter what the enemy card’s realm is.
3. Distinguish between your attack based cards and your defense cards. Many cards have stats focused on either attacking or defending. Choose well. Even the skills are like that. Ones raising your attack and lowering the enemy’s defense is used for attacking, and ones lowering the enemy’s attack and increasing your defense is used for defending. There are some cards that can do both attacking and defending though (skills may be like that too).
4. It is better to use five cards that consumes 5 attack stats than using a single card that uses 25 stats. To get the maximum attack/defense points out of your decks, try to evenly divide your stats used as possible.
5. Use evolved cards. Evolved cards use same attack stats as unevolved cards, but they are stronger.

9-Attacking. This is one of the most fun part of this game. you can steal money and treasures from other players if you have enough attack stats left. However, when you lose, you may lose your money too. that’s why this action also needs some considerations too. Some of the things to watch out for is:
1. Your enemy’s defense stats. This is one of the information that they show you when attacking. Try to attack your enemy with slightly higher attack points than that person’s defense points, as to raise your probability of winning and not waste more attack stats than needed.
2. Your enemy’s realm choice. This is shown by the color of the strips their information is on when you select “battle” from below. Do not confuse it with their leader card’s realm. A person may set up a different realm’s cards as their leaders if they want to, and a leader card may not necessarily be in the battle. You may get a slight better chance if you form decks considering the enemy’s realm.
3. Your enemy’s level. Do not attack those whose levels are more than five than your level and those whose levels are less than five than your level. People with higher level will be hard for you to win, and when you attack those with too low level, you get what is called “divine punishment,” where you immediately lose without any chance to actually battle.

10-Use quests well. In quests, you can get cards, money, exp points, and treasures If you do not need cards you get from there, you can sell it or use it for enhancing your other cards, and by collecting treasures, you can get bonus rare cards.

11-Leveling up refills your stamina/attack/defense stats. Try to use them all right before leveling up for maximum use.

12-Get fellows as fast as you can. Each fellow gives you 5 stat points, and by “supporting” fellows, or posting something at their page, you get extra friendship points you can use to buy cards.

13-Try to fill in the archive bonuses. There are two types of archive bonus, one given when you discover more new cards (evolving cards counts too), and another one when you achieve MAX in card’s level by enhancing it (each cards have different levels to reach to get MAX). First one gives you more rooms to hold cards, and the latter one speeds up the regeneration of your stamina/attack/defense. The latter one will be a lot harder to do at the beginning. Try to do the first one by evolving cards with three of a same kind in your hands.

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    use a reference code of someone you know personally. not someone here. these guys just copy paste info from other pages and post here so they can collect mass bonuses.


    There are tonnes of scammers in the game. people always posting things asking for way more than they are worth. people post devil princess (always provides 20% chance of skill up) asking for devil queen (always provides 50% chance of skill up). does that seem fair? how about people asking 75k rupees for a gold dragon? not bad right? rare card, only 75k… guess what? gold dragon is meant to be sold for rupees. how much? 30k. don't buy cards until you shop around. don't buy normal, hn, or rare cards if it is only rare because it is in ff. your hp and cw are valuable. don't throw them away. don't buy new popular cards if you don't have lots of hp. you can usually get older cards with equal stats and skills for much cheaper.

    make sure you have all your hp before holy war starts, as the price goes through the roof! same goes for cw and events. stock up before it starts. if you need to buy cards to build a deck, wait until events and holy wars start. once they have been going for a few days people run out of hp or cw and post great cards for cheap. real cheap! I'm serious, wait if you can. you don't want to kick yourself for paying almost double.

    if you appreciate the info I told you then use the reference code that one of your friends gives you. that's the right thing to do. if you don't have any friends who play then use one below, or don't use any. what did these guys do to deserve a bonus from you? nothing, that's what. by being one of the ones to use their reference codes you are simply making them stronger with nothing in return. everyone who is not an order member is the competition. don't give anyone an advantage over you. my game name is randycrane198. if you ever need advice in game you can look me up and leave a support on my wall. I don't get a bonus from this, it is strictly to help you. I am tired of all these scammers that are just trying to rip people off. don't fall for it. the game is a blast but people ripping you off really takes the fun out of it.

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      i couldn't care less for the 50k gold i get it's about making fellows … i have too many cards i can't sell at the bazaar i prefer giving it to new people. you're blindly accusing me of something i am not commited to here so have fun and enjoy your life, stop talking bullshit about others. if you'd use my referal code and post on my wall you would know what i am talking about. cheers, ngv17786 code

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    Last but not least are realms you are required to pick a realm. They help when you are attacking because the cards you have with the same realm as yours are going to be boosted. Here they are with explanations.

    Man- These cards have better defense than others but there are gems of attack cards there
    • least picked*

    God- very balanced cards doesnt really excel in anything but they are good at everything
    *medium picked* MINE Quests ItemsAttribute PointsFellows OrdersEnhancing & Evolving Trading Holy Water> Magic circles>Rupies

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    3-Do not try to enhance normal cards. Enhancements take like 100 normal cards to achieve MAX, and costs a lot, so it is better to just use them as level1. Of course, it is strongly recommended that you evolve them.

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