Office Jerk Cheats Checklist

What is Office Jerk:

Office Jerk is actually a fun game that was developed in Flash animation and starts to play on Flash game sites released for free online PC user, but this year, a Micro Fluik Games Company developed a separate version for IOS, Android, iPhone and iPod devices. The new version is based as an Office Jerk Checklist and the game on the online Flash-based version with the same characters.

We can bring you some cool cheats for this game and application tips and tricks in this great office jerk you enjoy more fun playing. You can also use the same codes on both Android and IPod office jerk applications, since the developer’s application of both the same, and they have the same rules in both applications.

What is the easiest way to complete gesundheit in office jerk checklist?
This can be completed successfully if you hit the coworker. Twice at level four.

How to get a trophy in office jerk?
After completing the checklist you can request for a trophy by hitting the “throw trophy” button at the bottom of check list finishing page. Also remember that if you apply for trophy than you cannot demand for a further reward on the same level.

How to get a poster smash in office jerk?
This is very easy to get, when you throw a stapler or tiny bombs on the silly employee then you will rewarded with a smash poster automatically. Also try to hit his face when you throw an object on the coworker.

Any cheats to get coffee depth charge?
Simple hit dynamite on coffee cup and you will reward with a coffee depth charge.

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