My Town 2 (Iphone/Ipod) Cheats & Tips

MyTown 2 is the incredible sequel to the #1 Real-World game of all time.

• Create & take care of a totally unique town filled with your favorite real-world places…restaurants, shops, cafes, clothing stores, schools, hotels, bars, you name it!
• Popularity matters! Increase payouts & earn bonuses by building & checking in to everyone’s favorite places
• Personalize your town with tons of decorative items
• Unlock & build amazing Wonders!
• Upgrade all your business to customize their look & earn massive payouts
• Check-in to your favorite places & complete cool quests to unlock awesome rewards
Create the city of your dreams filled with your favorite places from the real-world! Get your town thriving as you buy, customize & upgrade real businesses. Earn coins to beautify your town with awesome decorative items. Grow your population & expand with tons of cool buildings, houses + rare & unique Wonders. MyTown 2 is the incredible sequel to the #1 Real-World game of all time. Life is a story. Build yours.

My Town 2 Cheats & Tips

Working only on versions under 2.0.1. The lockscreen glitch: Cheat that earns XP, Coins, Cash, Checkings UNLIMITED

My Town 2 #2

To everyone asking about finding the “folders”, you need a program that will access them. I used “WinSCP” but thats a windows only program and requires a jailbreak. iFunbox works on mac and windows and does not require a jailbreak.

Buy businesses that are close to home!
Half of the fun in MyTown 2 is exploring cities and buying all the neat stuff you see along the way. However, how do you expect to buy all that fun stuff if you don’t have enough coins to buy them? One easy way is to make sure you buy businesses close to where you live, so you can check-in to them any time you wish.

To do this, simply play the game from home and buy the businesses that are nearby. Now you can check-in to them every day to earn the multiplier bonus! Is this almost cheating? Yes, but it’s a dog eat dog world and you’ll have to do anything to stay ahead!

Score businesses for the cheapest by being early!
In MyTown 2, the cost of a business is soley dependant on how popular it is. If a business is a thriving hit (like say, the Empire State Building in New York City) then it will be worth a lot more in the game than say Joe Bob’s Grill in Nowhere, USA. One way, though to make sure you get the most out of your money is to buy a business before it’s a big hit!

All you have to do is look at a business on the check-in screen to see if there’s a trailblazer bonus available. If there is, buy it! You’ll not only be the first person to own the business, but you just made all the other potential players have to pay more. This is an easy tip to try and stay ahead of the game.

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10 thoughts on “My Town 2 (Iphone/Ipod) Cheats & Tips”

  1. How to check in to a local restaurant that is 25 meters for your current location when there is no restaurant 25 meters around?

  2. How to salvage my town2 back? Because my iPad brocken and all level lost but i don’t want to start in level 1 again. Pleaseeee… with big big big thanks.

  3. I did all the steps using iFunbox as I have a MAC computer…
    I have to move the file to my desktop to edit, but there is no way to put it back into iFunbox…. that is the only step preventing me from having this a success… how do i get the new saved file back into iFunbox to replace the old file.

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