Monopoly Hotels Tips & Cheats

The goal is to create a vibrant network through a combination of hotel rooms in various sizes to create a profit. The gameplay is straight out of the Hotel City (which is random, as Playfish / EA concluded that certain Facebook game for its lack of profitability) requires, with you, guest rooms combine with “leisure” and decorations, along with some VIP spaces. Your network starts small, with a few guest rooms and a business or two (a cake shop or theater are nice places to start), and you’ll eventually move on to companies such as casinos or saloons.

Each room has its own timer, so you deserve to win as Monopoly money and experience points to level up over time. They will open up new spaces, as you increase your level, and (in turn will increase, your profits) in a position to profit at your hotel or perhaps a more luxurious set of rooms to spend. Gold is used as a premium currency of the game, allowing you to unlock not only the basic premium content, but also content based on various characteristics such as Hasbro Mr. Potato Head or Littlest Pet Shop.

In Monopoly hotels, you are given a hotel on a piece of property to prove relatively inexpensive (eg Mediterranean Avenue) with itself.

Build new facilities for your hotel is a relatively simple task, requiring only a few shots on-screen menus and the amount of money needed. Speaking of money, you win in Monopoly Hotels gathering rooms and attractions in your hotel, but you can also get by tapping dollar bills falling from the sky. Although I would normally consider this to be a good thing, money falls can get in your way as you try to construct or maintain the rest of your hotel.

Monopoly Hotels introduces a unique concept with the inclusion of the electric company. Former monopoly in regular, public services were mostly just a money trap. But here, the Electric Company actually earns money and the power of your hotel at the same time. He’s cute, but honestly, I really do not understand why this aspect is even. Keep electricity flowing only takes a few shots every two minutes, and saves you only a little money. Of course, it is useful, but it feels like a new idea and more an attempt to cram in as many properties as possible classic Monopoly. I also find it strange that you make money when recharging electricity. Should it be the other way?

Opening of new hotels is easy provided you have money, you can win by playing with your existing hotels for some time by bombing or real money. Fortunately, it seems that developers have not made ​​the game too difficult to play for free, there is no reason to get out your wallet, unless you really want a potato fancy Mr. Head room theme. The weather is quite another, however, and you may find that you will wait several days to earn money for your next hotel.

For fans of the classic board game that everyone knows and loves, Hotels Monopoly does a good job of putting that fan service is contrary to a quite dull hotel building. Of course, his concepts are the basis and not very fresh, but the character added by its license allows many things here.

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