Mirror’s Edge Cheats for iPad

Mirror’s Edge Cheats for iPad with codes and Secret. Below are a list of unlockable for Mirror’s Edge.

Unlockable Badges

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bag ladyCollect a bag
Balancing actBalance 200 meters
Body countDefeat an enemy 100 times
Death from aboveDrop from a zipline and kick an enemy
EconomistDefeat 2 enemies with 1 attack
Falling downMake an enemy fall
Fly on the wallWall run 500 meters
Free fallingFall 1,000 meters
Gravel rashSlide 500 meters
HoarderCollect 20 bags
I heart 88.7Find the pirate radio frequency graffiti
I’ll take thatDisarm an enemy
Marathon runnerRun 10,000 meters
MountaineerClimb 1,000 meters
NeutralizerDisarm 20 enemies
On the clockEarn one star in speed run mode
PackratCollect all bags
RampageDefeat 10 enemies in 60 seconds
Scream for meMake 10 enemies fall
ScruffyFind the ‘scruffy’ graffiti
Still countingEarn 20 stars in speed run mode
SuperstarEarn all stars in speed run mode
Tag, you’re itDefeat a runner
Tango downDefeat an enemy
That’s a wrapComplete the game
Thrill of the chaseDefeat 10 runners
Vrooom!Maintain sprint speed for 10 seconds
Zip-a-Dee-Doo-DahZipline 1,000 meters

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