Mini Golf MatchUp tips

Mini Golf MatchUp is a free to play single- and multiplayer minigolf game for iOS and Android. It features 10 courses with more than 100 holes, handcrafted touchscreen controls for phones and tablets, asynchronous multiplayer and free daily rewards. Here are a few tips and tricks for the game.Mini-Golf-Head

  1. For the highest score possible, always attempt to score a Hole-In-One, which means pocketing a hole from a single hit. This immediately gives you 10,000 bonus points and a x2 multiplier for the next hole.
  2. You should decide between picking up the gems or attaining the highest score possible. Gems are your premium currency, which can be picked up in the field or earned based on your scores.
  3. minigolf1
    Small yellow gems are worth 100 per hole, and big purple ones are worth 2000 per hole if you collect all of them.
  4. Learn from your opponent’s mistakes and successes, so always watch their replays.
  5. Instead of trying to flick the ball across hazardous terrains, use the blue pipes to transport them whenever they are available.
  6. minigolf_goals
    Complete various achievements and don’t forget to claim them in the Achievements menu for bonus stars. These stars are needed to unlock the rest of the 10 courses.
  7. If you screwed up your turn, press the Do Over button for a second chance. The first use of this is free for each match; afterwards it will cost 50 Gems per use.
  8. When playing online matches with others, don’t forget to check in regularly if your opponents have made their moves. Not making your own for 5-7 days will result in match forfeits, which can eventually end by locking you out of the online game.

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