METAL SLUG DEFENSE Android/iPhone Tips and Guide

METAL SLUG DEFENSE Tips and Guide For iPhone and Android!!


“METAL SLUG”, the pinnacle of 2D action-shooting on NEOGEO returns in a tower-defense / Strategy game on iOS! Command your troops in order to seize the throne of the world’s best “METAL SLUG” player!
■Regular and Rebel Armies clash on iOS!
Send your units to the battlefield and take over enemy bases with a simple tap of your finger!
Use the METAL SLUG Attack, along with other unique special attacks to turn the tide in battle, and the goddess of victory will smile upon you!!
■More than 60 different characters and units available!
At the beginning of the game, only the Regular Army’s units are available, but Morden’s soldiers will join
your ranks later on! Limited units that can only be acquired via rare events or specific conditions are waiting for
you as well!

METAL SLUG DEFENSE Cheats/Tips to help you out.

This is how it goes
1 – I have a solid group of units acumulated together and so does my opponent but he has a Giant Caterpillar.
2 – He launches the caterpillar at me effectively doing the following
(a) he kills a couple of my guys
(b) he startles the rest
(c) his caterpillar now protects his other units with probably well over 10000HP (sandbags are only 2400HP also that caterpillar is right on my face)
(d) the rest of his units can now hit me freely and have time to recharge their special attacks.
Hello, now I am in a very bad position. I may have good offensive strength but thats 10000HP that I have to get thru. Because that caterpillar is in my freaking face (like a freaking sumo) none of my bullets are going to hit his other guys and they will continue to hit me. By the time I get thru the caterpillar his remaining armament probably have their special attack ready to oblitirate me.

This is a strategy for noobs.
The solder with the shield and the soldier with the gatling gun. these two units are cheap and together will punch thru a lot. you simply keep sending them, as soon as you can, just those two. over and over and over. If you can send other units go ahead but all you need is them two.
The way this works is the shielded guys will protect the gatling guys. The shileds will basicaly fight to end up getting killed but the gatling guys will accumulate because they will be protected by the shields. Once you get 4 or 5 gatling guys together they will tear anything apart. Specially if they are all glowing, no matter how big of an obstacle it is, its gone once you active their special attack. *poof* gone.
This strategy doesn’t work with huge units like Jupiter King because they’ll get whiped out imidiately. They are too weak. You need something with more armor to widthstand a hit from Jupiter King or the like.

I have an armament of tanks. When the battle begins what I do is invest in the base as all people do, up until the next upgrade is 240. At that point I let the counter go up until it reaches 600 to 800. Then I release a small fury of my armament. This small group is just the begining. Its enought to punch thru a lot. If you are a noob or just an unready vet it will kill ya. Anyways I let the counter go up again. Patience and composure is the key. I invest in the base and just let it accumulate. depending on how the other guy is coping with me. Then when I have enought to buy everything in my deck I release my full fury. All simultaneously. This will determine if you have enought strength to defeat the other guy. This strategy is good enought to take down people bigger then you if they are unexperienced.
two sub strategies that have worked for me.
1) at the begining everybody releases a sort of scout. Maybe they build a sandbag, maybe they release spiders. I let them do that. I let them hit me. (thats why patience is the key) cause when I release my first wave it will punch thru all of that.(with the help of a metal slug)
2) some opponents have the similar strategy and they punch back and they punch back hard. So I am finding that leaving a bunch of defensive posts behind me is helpful (Anti air-craft and Iron OSI) It helps me in case I have to fallback a bit. The key is to activate them behind me because them engineers sometimes runaway at the front line.
3) the giant caterpillar. I don’t have one but holy cow is it a menance to me. Then there is that elephant. I don’t have one yet. The elephant is not as bad as the caterpillar but its also tought to deal with.

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