Megapolis Cheats Android

As the city’s mayor you are in charge of designing the primary infrastructure: airports, railways, seaports, oil & gas, atomic, solar power plants, mining and manufacturing.
Make Megapolis beautiful with parks, fountains and sculptures, world famous architecture from ancient to modern. Manage the budgets and finances, learn to enhance your citizens welfare to receive more tax money.
Help your friends create equally gorgeous neighboring cities, send them gifts and learn to collaborate.
Megapolis Cheats Android
– Awesome realistic 3D graphics
– More than 300 buildings and sites, hundreds of construction materials for buildings
– City expansion both on land and over the sea
– Daily tasks, quests, city events and competitions

Megapolis Tips
Town hall, where you can hire your friends to administrative positions. For example, when you hire one of your friends as tax collector, your taxes will be collected automatically. You do not have to click more buildings, or worry not often visit your city to collect taxes.

Megapolis Cheats
Currently no cheats or tips for Megapolis. Leave a comment below if you have tips or cheats to share or that you want people to add you for friends!

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