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Logos Quiz Level 4 Addictive Mind Puzzlers

All the time we are surrounded by hundreds, maybe thousands of company logos, we see them on TV, when shopping in the mall, walking on the street, during important events, even when we are playing video games! How many of them can you recognize?

Logos Quiz Addictive Mind Level 4

Logos Quiz Level 4 – Addictive Mind Puzzlers Answers

Dominos, Petrochina, Steam, Air Canada, Bittorrent, Vauxhall, Austrian Airlines, HSBC, Novartis, GlaxosmithKline, China Mobile, Cnet, Cathay Pacific, Gulf Air, Sony Ericsson, Fruit of the Loom, Best Buy, Kraft Foods, Polo, Nickeldeon, Hooters, Ubisoft, Umbro, Singapore Airlines, ICQ, Morgan, Half Life, Kawasaki, South African Airlines, General Electric, BIC, Shell, USPS, Texaco, Bad Robot, Compaq, Sprint, Greyhound, Malaysia Airlines, Whiskas, Hermes, US Airways, Lenovo, Kappa, Utorrent, Commodore, Repsol, Tama, Joma, Staedtler, Earthlink, Diesel, Rip Curl, Boston Red Sox, Slazenger, Kyocera, Starbucks, Hi Tec, Kodak, China Southern, oakley, Saucony, Coors, All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, Quiksilver, Adio, NFL, Genius, Lacoste, AOL, Saturn, Pilot, Acdsee, Cisco, Zippo, Michelin, Billabong, Bank of China, Epson

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