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Logos Quiz (Android) Addictive Mind Puzzlers level 2

Logos Quiz – Addictive Mind Puzzlers level 2 for Android!

Identify the brand from the logo. Some should be obvious, others less. Challenge your friends to see who knows more logos!

Level 2 Logos Quiz Addictive Mind Puzzlers

Here are the answers for levels:
Estee Lauder, Fable, Formula, Gears of War, BlackBerry, KFC, Suzuki, Mazda, Gran Turismo, Green Giant, Mass Effect, Quiksilver, American Express, Lockheed Martin, Subaru, JP Morgan, Rolex, Roxy, Royal Canin, SolidWorks, Babylon, Mortal Kombat, Huawei, App Store, Swarovski, Toblerone, UBS, Unilever, Linked In, Google Play, John Deere, Ubuntu, Waze, Mercedes, Google, Nasdaq, Altavista, Diadora, Motorola, Nissan, NBC, Guiness, GIMP, Google Play, Gazprom, Hyundai, Kleenex, Reddit, Amazon, Batman, Boeing, Twitter, Giorgio Armani, NBA, Visual Studio, Lexus, Nike, Hello Kitty, Eclipse, Airbus, IBM, Dodge, Honda, Citibank, Gucci, Dropbox, Kelvinator, Gerber, Wikipedia, Hennessy, Mitsubishi, Danone, Toyota, Castle Rock, EMC, ING, Adobe, Harvard, Budweiser, Microsoft Office

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  1. You left out the 'l' in the Toblerone pic

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