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Logo Quiz – Music Bands (Android) Answers & Cheats

New Logo Quiz – Music Bands! How many bands can you recognize? Guess the logos and check yourself!

– rock,
– pop,
– hip-hop,
– electronic,
– metal,
– punk,
– indie,
– alternative,
– hard rock,
– classic rock,
– and other.
In “Logo Quiz – Music Bands” game every found logo will increase the score.
Higher logo level(difficulty) = more points(higher score).
Try to guess all logos!

If you are blocked and you don’t know the answer for a logo, don’t give up! Use one of the hints that each logo has!
Now get highest Streaks to make it on leaderboards!
Compare your answers with your friends. Challenge them to see who know more logos!

Logo Quiz Music Bands Level 1 Rock Answers
1st logo: MU on black banner is MUSE
2nd: Letters Q, E, E visible: Queen
3: Letters “Hot” and “Epp” visible: Red Hot Chili Peppers
4: Letters NIN: Nine Inch Nails
5. Letters “Ed-Zepp”: Led Zeppelin
6. Red Letters CD: ACDC
7: Unknown
8: Red Tongue: Rolling Stones
9: Letters P K L D: Pink Floyd
10: Letters Doo: Doors (The Doors)
11: Letters RPIONS: Scorpions
12: Letters K ER: The Killers (Killers)
13: IN BUS: Incubus
14: a badge with “johnny joey dee dee tommy”: Ramones
15: Unknown
16: Letters “Tag” TR and BL: Vintage Trouble
17: 4 faces and letters BU LO SPR ELD: Buffalo Springfield
18: ELP: Emerson Lake and Palmer
19: Unknown
20: S Pumpkins: Smashing Pumpkins

Logo Quiz Music Bands Level 2 Pop Answers

1. Gothic letters G and C: Good Charlotte
2. SIM and LAN: Simple Plan
3. BB in a circle: Abba
4. DY GA and the silhouette of a woman: Lady Gaga
5: 5 silhouettes in red: The Temptations
6: Big W letter: Weezer
7: Two M letters: MGMT
8: A yellow devil: Jamiroquai
9: *NSY: Nsync
10: M OO 5: Maroon5 (without a space!)
11: W m!: Wham!
12: Orange-yellow letters GEN (looks like “sex” too): Genesis
13: Cr…. C…rwater Revi…L: Creedence Clearwater Revival
14: a big circle and letters RS: The Corrs
15: Black silhouette: Michael Jackson
16: Justin Bieber
17: P! : Pink
18: LL F RTAd: Nelly Furtado
19: U 4: UB40 (even through the correct answer will show it as uD40)
20: CHR AA ERA: Christina Aguilera

Logos Quiz-Music-Bands-Level 3-Hip-Hop

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  1. i am stuck on rock it is hard i dont get the pictures


  2. hey I am on hip-hop level 3 what ist the picture with a man with cigarre in mouth?

  3. Alexander Darkthrone

    How can you add Creedence Clearwater Revival to pop.. how?

  4. there is one that is The Notorious BIG and it says almost try again and I even went through the hints to figure how they typed it and it still doesn't work.

  5. Julie Alexander… It has to be spelled correctly is isn't kayne west it is kanye west…..HaHa

  6. I was just wondering where the rest is? It only goes to Hip-Hop but thats it there is still a few more things left like Electronic,Metal and Punk ect..

  7. Stuck on electronic and need help

  8. mine went through ok.

  9. mine went through ok.

  10. hi, I am on pop 2 level picture of bear with glasses from internet says This kayne west yet it stats almost try nice try any ideas please.

  11. its “the nutorious B.I.G.” put it in just like its quoted

  12. You need to put a dot after the last G so it reads The Notorious B.I.G.

  13. I’m having the same problem answering notorious b.i.g, I’ve tried every spelling of it and it still won’t answer correctly can anyone give me the correct answer as given by the game?

  14. The notorious B.I.G. 3 periods in his name

  15. When you put in The Notorious Big in it doesnt work, like the kelly family, because its spelt wrong which its familly, but ive never heard of The Notorious Big, soo i have no idea whats happened, plus you dont have all off them which is disapointing,

  16. When you put in The Notorious Big in it doesnt work, like the kelly family, because its spelt wrong which its familly, but ive never heard of The Notorious Big, soo i have no idea whats happened

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