Letter Pop Mania Celebrity Pack Answers and Cheats Levels 1-40

Letter Pop Mania Celebrity Packs Level 1-40 Answers and Cheats for Android + iOS/iPhone. The Tips below will help you beat the game.
If you also love ’em like you love word puzzle game, Letter Pop Mania is your perfect match!
Test your knowledge in this fun yet challenging letter swap game. IT’S EASY! Arrange the letters to solve hundreds of puzzle, ranging from the biggest hit movie titles, TV series, music, celebrities, and public figure.

Letter Pop Mania is best played together with family & friends, as companion for fun, and relaxing time killer.

Level 1: Nicole Kidman
Level 2: Bruce Willis
Level 3: Tom Hank
Level 4: Johnny Depp
Level 5: Will Smith
Level 6: Al Pacino
Level 7: Mel Gibson
Level 8: Leonardo Dicaprio
Level 9: Angelina Jolie
Level 10: Emma Watson
Level 11: Robert De Niro
Level 12: Sandra Bullock
Level 13: Cameron Diaz
Level 14: Jessica Alba
Level 15: Natalie Portman
Level 16: Brad Pitt
Level 17: Jennifer Lawrence
Level 18: Tom Cruise
Level 19: Morgan Freeman
Level 20: Jim Carrey
level 21: Owen Wilson
Level 22: Renee Zellweger
Level 23: Joaquin Phoenix
Level 24: Keira Knightley
Level 25: Jack Nicholson
Level 26: Ryan Gosling
Level 27: Matt Damon
Level 28: Jennifer Aniston
Level 29: John Travolta
Level 30: Clint Eastwood
Level 31: Richard Gere
Level 32: Ben Affleck
Level 33: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Level 34: Robert Downey Jr
Level 35: Audrey Hepburn
Level 36: George Clooney
Level 37: Scarlett Johansson
Level 38: Russel Crowe
Level 39: Daniel Craig
Level 40: Michelle Pfeiffer

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