Jewels Legend (Android) Cheats/Walkthrough

Fun and addictive hexagon Match-3 game!

A classic hexagon Match-3 game launch on Android Market.
Your mission is to win the Jewels Star. Pass the levels and try to get all stars in each level.

How to play:
1: Match 3 or more identical jewels.
2: Match the jewels until the bottom board,the Jewels star will appear.
3: Make the jewels star down to last line to pass the level.
Tips: Eliminate the jewels quickly can get extra scores.

– More than 200 levels and multiple pretty scenes in the game.
– Match 4 jewels can win a bomb and 1 lighting.
– Match 5 jewels can win color-changing jewels and 2 lightings.
– Eliminate 20 jewels continuously at bottom board can win 1 lighting.
– The jeweled bomb can eliminate the jewels around.
– The Color-changing jewel can eliminate jewels in any color.
– The Timing Jewel can extend the playing time.
– The lightning Jewel can eliminate jewels in one row.
– For the chained jewel, you can eliminate the jewels inside to unlock it.
– For the ice jewel, you can eliminate the jewels around to release it.

Currently No Cheats for Jewels Legend! Leave a Comment below, If you have tips or Cheats for other users for Jewels Legend Android!

28 thoughts on “Jewels Legend (Android) Cheats/Walkthrough”

  1. Aargh! I've been stuck forever on the casual mode world 3 level 71.. what is the goal to obtain the Star→After breaking the encased jems? Do I need to achieve specific high score ? If so, how much? Or what?

  2. I have gotten through every one of the arcade level and am on world 2 of the casual level,level 82 and cannot beat the darn thing. Its driving me crazy. Its almost impossible to get rid of the barriers in the time alotted, and then to get a star is a miracle. No way do I have time to do anything with the star. I know there just has to be a way to clear the ice faster, but I haven’t found it yet.

  3. Quite honestly I am getting fed up of this game:( I have git to level 26 and it wastes more time by saying No More Moves and changing the pieces. And I dont know what lighting is either!

  4. Ive been stuck on level 99. Flipping forever! !!!! Still font know what the heck they t telling about yo get the star ‘!””

  5. I have been stuck on lvl 70 in world two forever, any hints on how to get past it? I have pretty much given up, but the lower levels are too easy and I like playing it when bored.

    1. Ive been stuck here too for a week. Hate to give up but can’t see a way to get through. Just not enough time to clear spots that have to be cleared with lightning. Did you ever get through?
      Just to verify, I am talking about Arcade, world 2, level 70.
      Anyone else get by it would be nice to at least know somebody did it.

  6. I’ve been stuck on level 99 of world 3 in casual mode. The other 2 worlds have 99 levels and then go on to the next world. How do I get to the next world? Are there only 3 worlds???

  7. I am also stucky on leven 85, world 2. That’s how I ended up on this page.

    I have no idea what’s up with that level, it appears to be trolling on purpose!.. Whenever I get a time-gem, there’s never any same colours around.

    I have had the star on the field 3 times.

    1. you swipe several of the same colors in a row, they can be straight, diagonal, or crooked as long as you can connect them. I have gotten to level 82 on the second set and cannot break it. I have played that level at least 100 times. Right now I am about frustraited.

      1. I have been on level 85 of World 2 for AGES and the star never appears. Very frustrating – all the other levels were relatively easy.

        1. I too was also stuck on lvl 85 world 2 forever. I finally beat it last night and now I’m stuck on lvl 91. The lvls between these 2 are easy, but lvl 91 seems impossible

      2. Also stuck on lvl 82, have played it a million times and managed to get the blue star twice, but seems to be impossible to complete this level…

  8. I’m currently up to Level 26 in Arcade mode, and ignoring the update until they’ve sorted out the bugs in it. That aside, I’d love to know how to obtain more than one red star in each level. At the rate of only one star per level, I’ll need 160 levels to unlock the next world.

    1. The faster you finish the board and get the star to the bottm the more points you accumulate and the more stars you get at the end of the game.

  9. When you start each level you’ll notice that some hexagons are different shades. The darker shaded hexes will get progressively lighter as you destroy the gems inside that hex. Once all the hexes become the very lightest shade, the star will appear. Hope that helps.

  10. If you’ll notice the jewels are in a highlighted box. Some are in frozen boxes. You have to blow up jewels in the highlighted boxes to clear the boxes to clear the board and then it will release the Star!

  11. Seems to drop due to some action. What that is I have no idea. Been playing arcade mode to lvl 50 already and no idea how to FORCE star to come! Instructions help even less but still love the game.

  12. Is there a trick to making the star appear? Sometimes I will just knock out a a lot and nothing happens. Thete has to be a trick

  13. @Trustme: I was confused by the same instruction. After playing for a day, I think it means that once you’re near the end of a level a star will appear. Once the star appears, you need to continue playing and clearing jewels until the star reaches the bottom line of the playing board .. and then the level will be over (you have to do this before the timer is up).

  14. Can anyone tell me what “Match the jewels until the bottom board” means? What exactly does one have to do to release the star?

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