iStunt 2 Cheats Android & iphone

Get ready to hit the slopes in the most extreme snowboarding game on the Google Play Store!

Escape deadly buzz saws, keep you balance through gravity shifts and speed boosts, grind your way to victory in this fast paced and insanely addictive snowboarding game!
iStunt 2 cheats

“Pulling off a twisting move, a couple of grabs, and tilting just right, and just in time, for a perfect landing is what makes iStunt 2 a blast.” – PocketGamer

“iStunt 2 is full of clever and surprising levels that remain exhilerating all the way through. iStunt 2 is a stunner.” – SlideToPlay


★ Stunning HD graphics!
★ Fast paced gaming with perfectly balanced tilt controls!
★ 88 insane levels + more levels added regularly to keep all your extreme snowboarding needs satisfied!
★ In-game store with cool unique items!
★ Open Feint integration and leaderboards – show you’re friends who’s the stunt king in these deadly slopes!

If you’re tired of just tapping games away embrace the full gaming experience. Tilt, tap and slide your way to victory!

iStunt 2 Unlockables


How to UnlockUnlockable
Complete Tutorials.Graduation (5)
Complete “Insane Hills” Pack.Insane Hills Completed (15)
Complete “Stadium Stunts” Pack.Stadium Stunts Complete (15)
Complete level after falling from the board.AfterLife (5)
Grab one token after death and then complete the level.TokenGhost (5)
Collect all stars from one world.Respected Stuntman (10)
Collect all stars from two worlds.SuperStar (15)
Perform five different stunts in a single combo.ShowOff (5)
Complete five levels without falling once.Immortal (5)
Play for one hour straight.Addicted (10)
Fly for seven seconds and land with style.Falcon (5)
Collect 5,000 points with a single combo.Crowd Pleaser (10)
Collect 7,000 points with a single combo.Great Performer (15)
Collect 10,000 points with a single combo.Niinja Performer (20)
Dismember Stuntman.Mr Potato (5)
Unlock Grabs so you can perform Tail Grab, Nose Grab and Indy!Grabs Unlocked (5)
Complete “Insane Hills” Pack to unlock “Stadium Stunts”.Stadium Stunts Unlocked (10)
Complete “Stadium Stunts” Pack to unlock “Extreme Skies”.Extreme Skies Unlocked (10)
Complete “Extreme Skies” Pack.Extreme Skies Completed (15)
Complete “Desert Paradise” Pack.Desert Paradise Completed (15)

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