Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile tips and tricks

The console fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us received a mobile counterpart for iOS and Android. This version is free to play with many characters locked and an energy system included. This game is centered around Warner’s DC superheroes, such as Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, and Batman.


Here are some cheats and tips for this version.

  1. If you need more energy, forward your device’s time and date setting by a few hours.
  2. The best method of quickly leveling your characters is to actually use them as often as you can. Combine this with the above trick for energy regains and you can level up a new character quite far in no time.
  3. Use the various Support Cards to complement your 3-man setup’s strengths, such as increased stamina regen, better blocks and more. But don’t buy many of these, instead concentrate on a select few cards to progress faster.
  4. Make use of the tag in/tag out system. As the computer will also swap between its 3 team members, so should you do to counter the opponent’s strengths.
  5. It is advised to use your Power Credits earned in battles for decently upgrading your current heroes instead of always buying new ones.
  6. Cyborg has a regeneration rate twice than other characters, meaning he can be brought into play much more often.
  7. If you want to farm Power Credits and you have a fairly decent 3-man, spam Bonus Battle 6 over and over again for 4.500 Credits per win.
  8. For even longer play sessions, it is recommended that you buy 3 additional cards, meaning you’ll have an additional 3-man team when your main one runs out of energy.

Injustice Gods Among Us – Iphone & Ipad Cheat Video

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