Implosion – Never Lose Hope tips and tricks

Implosion – Never Lose Hope is a new premium hack and slash game for Android and iOS. It has a free trial of 6 levels; the rest are unlocked via a one-time IAP. Here are some tips for this high-quality action-RPG.

Implosion android tips

  1. Controls in this game are a little bit different to others in this genre. The difference lies in the Attack button. Tap it once to attack, mash it for a longer chain of combo attacks, and experiment with button holding methods for various combos; try to learn the timings for the latter combos, they will become very handy in the later parts. Different combos and intervals of holdign the Attack button means different combo attacks.
  2. RA Abilities are your special ones. They aren’t earned simply by playing the campaign and progressing through the levels; you need to go into the Shop between the levels, and buy the new ARKs there. There are 7 categories of ARKs, and the largest, main ARKs determine which abilities you’ll have access to. You can only equip one main ARK at the same time.
  3. Do not underestimate the Hack Level skill, which can be improved by using various ARKs in the other 6 slots. This skill lets you unlock various doors in the campaign levels. You don’t need to have Hack Level boosts equipped al the time, as you can focus on them when replaying a level on harder difficulty, or on Normal for badges.
  4. Badges are only just for show-off, they are like achievements in other games. Some of them can be easily earned even on first playthrough, like the ones where goal is to smash all objects in a level. For others, like “do not use a shield during the level” you’ll need to come back with a much higher level of upgrades to mitigate the extra added difficulty.
  5. Credits you earn are only used for upgrades, so you should always take a look in the shop between missions,
  6. Don’t rely primarily on your guns. Your melee attacks are the primary weapons in this game; guns are only good for crowd control, like knocking back some enemies.

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