High School Hero (Iphone App) Cheats & Tips

Go to school, get a part-time job and battle other students in a race to become the High School Hero in this fun online multiplayer game!

* Choose from three different character types, each with their own unique bonuses!
* Play with your friends and make new friends to fight your enemies in this fun massively multiplayer online game.
* Buy clothes for your avatar to make them stronger, smarter, and more charming; or just to show off your most stylish outfit!
* Put your popularity on the line and try to become class president, the school mascot, or many other leadership positions for even more bonuses!
* Earn achievements by improving your hero, battling others, and winning leadership positions!
* Earn real world prizes by making progress in the game!

What’s New in Version 2.0.3

– NEW FEATURE: Adventures
Adventures are a great new way to explore High School Hero with your friends! Unlock new clothes, earn new awards, gain stat bonuses, and accumulate money with others

How do u get extra money How on earth do u get extra money beacuae im so low and i don’t know what to do?

If you want to earn more money than what you get now just increase your stats and your jobs will give more money and a tip for quick money is go on dating and do blind date and hope for a student that has taken you out for pizza or other expensive place so your stats will rise over 10,000 and then just do jobs and you will earn over 300,000 every job or more depending on your stats and what date they take you out on.

How do you raise your popularity? I’ve been playing this game for a while but my popularity is rising so slowly.

You can go on people’s wall and copy friend codes (sometimes people will post some on your wall) you can also win awards and stuff, to. but the fastest – easyest way is to add friends.

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