The Heist (iPhone) Cheats & Tips

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Solve puzzles. Crack the vault. Claim the hard-earned prize waiting for you inside. Are you up to the challenge?

WARNING! This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds…

✓ A fiendishly secured vault worth cracking
✓ 4 types of challenging puzzles
✓ 60 fun, addictive puzzles to solve
✓ 19 Game Center achievements to earn
✓ A valuable prize awaits you at the end!

So what are you waiting for, agent…

The Heist level 15 Final


An important note is that you will not need to complete every single level in order to unlock and open the vault. What this means is that if you are less or more comfortable with certain types of puzzles, you can adjust your game plan accordingly.
For instance, some people tend to struggle more with the Sliding Tile Puzzles, but not to so much with the Sokoban Puzzles. In this case, they can complete more Sokoban Puzzles and do only a few of the Tile Sliders.
To give you the best idea of how to complete puzzles in each category, here is a solution for the very first slide escape puzzle.
Slide the wood block that is just in front of the computer chip that you need to escape the puzzle down. Now, move the block that is closest to the escape hole up.
Now, drag the computer chip out of the puzzle to complete this puzzle. If you get stuck, refer to the screenshots. While this first puzzle may be very easy, it will get harder very quickly.

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