Head Soccer tips and cheats

Head Soccer is an European-football-themed fighting game, in which two players (one controlled by AI) fight using various superpowers on a ball and each other. The goal here is to score more goals than your opponent. Here are some tips and tricks for the game.head-soccer-apk

  1. You should always jump when using your Power Shot, thus confusing the AI player and increasing the chance of scoring a goal.
  2. Learn each character’s Power Shots and when to use them for maximum effect. Don’t spam them; instead wait for an ideal moment and place to use. For example, France’s shot should always be used from the middle of the field.
  3. Power Shots always damage your health significantly. Use them only when you are nearly full or full on health to prevent death.
  4. Let your opponent waste his Power Shot before you use your own, thus preventing him from blocking yours.
  5. For maximum effect on the ball, kick it. Dash into it to kick it into the air, then jump and press the Kick button to kick it toward the opponent’s goal. This maneuver has a slight chance for scoring a goal.
  6. Upgrade the JUMP skill first, because it is the most important ability, equally useful in attacking and blocking. Its speed matters a lot more than your reaction speed in this game.
  7. To obtain various achievements easily, play in the Arcade mode. Focus on one achievement at a time. No-Miss: stay in front of your goal, and just defend without getting a single goal. Do not try to hit the enemy goal.
  8. 10-shots more than opponent: defend and shoot the ball whenever you can. If you lose by more than 3 goals, restart and try it again.
  9. No power shot: dash as often as you can, by double-tapping the playfield where you want to dash to.
  10. No dash: same as before, but only use Power Shot instead of dashing.
  11. Sudden Death: only use your Power Shot in Sudden Death phase.
  12. 5 Counter Attacks: use Italy character, spam Power Shot, and try to counter both your own and your opponent’s Power Shots.
  13. headsoccer_selectA cool trick is that you can play characters you haven’t unlocked yet. Start playing League Mode, and at the Player Select screen select an unlocked character. Play a single match with it, and at the end press the BACK button on your device one time. Now pick another character and press PLAY. Yes/No buttons appear along with the “dó you want a new league?” question. swipe your hero to the one you want to play and tap NO. Then proceed normally to play with your selected character.
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