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Gone Fishing: Trophy Catch (Android) Cheats & Tips

Take a tour of the world’s most picturesque fishing spots in Gone Fishing: Trophy Catch! Equip yourself with multiple fishing rods, lures, and dozens of different types of bait to catch 80 varieties of fish, as well as more than 50 rare collectible items. The original Gone Fishing garnered more than 15 million players worldwide, and this new version of the game offers two new fishing spots, and rebalanced gameplay that gives you the ability to quickly earn piles and piles of glittering gold coins that you can use to upgrade your fishing gear.

-80 different types of fish to catch!
-9 lures, 11 different fishing rods, 24 types of bait!
-Dozens of in-game achievements to unlock!
-Rebalanced gameplay offers tons of opportunities to earn gold to purchase new fishing gear!
-New social features let you share your trophy catch with friends!
-Two all-new fishing locations added to Gone Fishing’s picturesque fishing circuit!
-More than 50 rare items to collect!

Currently No Cheats for Gone Fishing: Trophy Catch!

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  1. How do you catch a mirror carp??

    • Albertori Macsta

      if you are talking about Mountain Lake Use alga keep using it over and over till you have all 7, my record mirror from there is 48lbs, hope this helps

  2. How can i get full screen on Galaxy s4 android?

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