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Godus is Peter Molyneux’s newest game, following his beloved God simulator genre. This is the newest iteration of it, now available on Android and iPhone iOS as a free to play game with additional IAPs in it. Here are some tips and cheats to help you progress faster.

godus cheats

1. Belief is your primary currency in Godus, and to earn it faster, you have to build as many Abodes as possible. Collect Belief from these by tapping on the pinky icon above them regularly.
2. You can also cheat Belief generation by exiting the game, setting your device’s time and date to a few hours or days forward, entering the game and collecting the Belief. his same time-lapse cheat works with everything time-related in this game, such as construction of buildings or fighting battles.

3. You can also destroy trees and rocks by picking them up and swiping from screen edge to edge. This will also give you some Belief in addition to giving you more space to build Settlements on.
4. To create Settlements, build buildings at the same level. Use the Level tool to mow down any higher layers in an area to create an even, flat land. Build on that, and the buildings will automatically join each other, forming a Settlement.

godus tips
5. When planning these Settlements, always leave one tile free between farms, houses, mines etc. This is recommended because you may need the space later for expanding inside a settlement. You should also go for the same amount of Iron and Wheat to not have waiting for one or the other when building.

6. When actually expanding your empire, always be on the lookout for abandoned Mines and Farms. You won’t need to do anything with these other than flattening the land, letting your followers reach them on foot.
7. Control your followers directly by holding your finger on them until a blue circle appears, then tapping on the location you want them to go. This is ideal for the aforementioned abandoned buildings.

Godus Tips & Tricks Video Sculpting, Abodes, Belief, Leashing, Stickers

8. You can easily win tribal wars by abusing the layering tool. You can make them fall into water, box them in and starve them, or make a narrow pass for your soldiers to mow the incoming enemies down – the possibilities are almost endless here.

9. In the sailing mini-game you need to save as many followers as you can. Don’t waste reinforcements here; only send just enough followers of your own to save all of the stranded ones. Manipulate their paths by using the blocking tool to keep them from picking longer routes.

10. Pay attention to coins flowing in midair, as this shows treasure is nearby. Keep digging near the coins to find them. The time-lapse cheat also respawns these chests.


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