Fruit Ninja Cheats &Tips to Get Really High Points Score

Every iPhone user has at least one favorite game, which they occupied, holds in her spare time.
Really, slicing fruits cannot be any more fun than this!
Fruit Ninja is a big game hit for a reason: it’s a short game. You do not need to finish the level, but it is a 60 seconds game that is all you needed to enjoy Fruit Ninja.
Fruit Ninja Cheats and Tips
Cheat 1: Press the volume button to slow down the fruits

Apparently, this only works with iPhone 4. All you have to do while playing the game is to press the volume button, this will slow down the gameplay. Take advantage of this by scoring fruit combos.

Cheat 2: Play upside down

Yes, that’s right. To score higher points in Fruit Ninja, you can play it from the other end. The explanation behind this idea is to avoid hitting the bombs — and grab all the bananas effectively. It was difficult to play the game upside down, but looks like this dude really knows what he is talking about. Check out the video:

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