DOOORS Walkthrough & Tips (Iphone/Android)

DOOORS Walkthrough & Tips To Clear All Levels
Dooors is a fun iphone & Android Game, but if we can not complete the task, we sometimes feel frustrated, yes, many players are looking for the solution Dooors app or advice to help complete this game app Dooors In fact, this game is very simple, but sometimes we can not finish the level, because it so confusing.

Here is part of the tips/Cheats for Dooors app and advice to help you play this game:

1. Dooors 1: The first step in this game is to open the door

2. Dooors 2: turn the phone on the left and the ball rolls, open the door

3. Dooors 3: turn the phone on the left and take the key back under the ball to open the door

4. Dooors 4: try to open the door with a key that we found, but be quick because the door is closed again

5. Dooors 5: Try tab of the lamp is located on the left and grab the door handle at the bottom of the lamp to open the door

6. Dooors 6: We will continue to look for the flashing lights on the left, try typing continuously until six lights under the door turns green, then we can open the door.

7. Dooors 7: we have to make squares on the same door as a circle on the side of the door, the Red Square with white point equals.

The walkthrough next Dooors app and advice to help you play this game:

8. Dooors 8: we will find two plants, note that the left and take something on it, select one of them and use it to slide to the left door, and there will be a sign that arrows can we follow .

9. Dooors 9: we find the door in motion, to go around, we’d type on the right door, make sure that we hit at the right time to hit the green together, then we can open that door.

10. Dooors 10: being able to fire, we must close the screen, we remove the burning wood and then take the crank at the bottom. Focus on the plant on the left and hit a few times, then they will move. Then we can look at the wall and there is a middle circle and insert the handle with perfection, turn the crank and the door will open

Dooors All Level Walkthorugh&Cheats Videos For Iphone/Android

DOOORS All Level Walkthrough
1. Simply tap on the door and it will open.
2. Tilt your phone to the left so the ball rolls, and then the door will open.
3. Roll the ball left to reveal a key. Use this to unlock your door.
4. Pull the chord and slip out when there is a gap.
5. Under the left lamp there is a door knob, use this to go through the door.
6. Turn the light on and off 5 times and then exit.
7. Turn the three dots black that correspond to the pattern on the door, then tap the door.
Dooors Level 8. Tap the plant on the left and you will get a small red item. Then slide the door to the left, follow the arrow above the door.
9. Tap the right circle so the dot moves round and turns green at the same time as the circle on the left, then quickly tap the door.
Dooors Level 10. Shake device to put out fire, lift the wood to reveal a tool. Then slide the left plant over and place the tool in the middle circle. Tap it and it will lift the door up.
11. Use your red key in the dot above the middle door.
Dooors Level 12. Change the colored dots, top left black, top right red, middle left red, middle right white, bottom left red and bottom right black. Then open the door.
13. Shake device to unlock the door then take the match from the left flame to burn away the spiders web.
14. Adjust the levers so their slope matches that of the scratch above the door, then open the door.
15. Take the bomb bottom left and place in front of the door. Light it with the match. Then roll the ball first left, follow the arrows, when it is left pull the chain. Then roll across right and pull again, the left and pull three times, then right and pull twice.
Dooors Level 16. Turn your phone screen down and the door unlocks, then keep it down while exiting.
Dooors Level 17. Slide the rock over and turn off the light, the letters E T will appear. Now change the left clock to 11 and the right to 7.
18. Tap the button to make the ball jump, when it is at it’s highest point tap again to make it jump higher. Get both balls to the roof and your out.
Dooors Level 19. Slide the left and right door open, on the right take the orange ball. Now tap the two white dots in the doors to turn them green then slide the doors back. Now select the ball and tap the ceiling light to turn it green. Now slide the middle door up and exit.
Dooors Level 20. Turn the dials on the right so they mirror those on the left, then tap the door.
21. Put your phone face down and the water levels should both reach the line. The light above the door will turn green, now slide the door open.
22. The left floor tile has a magnifying glass under it, take this. Use the glass to look at the back of the right tiger. The color of the fruit’s a the colors you need to change the dots to. The top one you need to place the orange ball there for it to work.
23. Slide the gate and balls out of the way of the left plant. Move this over and then tap the dot to turn it green. Now move the objects and slide the door open.
24. Use your match to light both fires. Pull the levers from right to left and then back again, then tap the door.
25. Use the spy glass on the Japanese flag (white background with red dot). You will see the numbers 2562. Now tap the piles on the floor to make them into 2,5,6,2 and then open the door.
26. Move the ladder over to the left, high up you will see a chain dangling, tap this to free it. Now pull the chain and the door will fly open and shut. Pull the other chain to stop the door, time it right and slip out.
27. Throw the balls into the mouth on the door, yellow, blue, red and green.
28. Tilt your phone right to move the balloons and reveal the instructions. Then adjust your volume down, up, down, up.
29. Pick up the knife bottom right, then use it to chop the branches away. Now slide the white doors open and use the key on the right to unlock the door.
30. Turn the blue birds around so the two on the left face each other diagonally and the two on the right do the same. The light above the door will turn green.
31. Turn device upside down until all the light are green. If you want a smile then use the match on the man, he shouts ‘ow’.
32. Slide the rock across onto the button by tilting your phone. Then use your match on the bees.
33. Use the knife to cut the cable and disable the lasers. Then slide the door to the right, left, left, left, left, right, right. This should open it up.
34. Slide the plants away off the screen. This reveals the instructions. Tilt your phone to mirror the clocks. As you do this the lights above the door will turn green. Once all green you can escape the room.
35. Light both the candles with the match. This will reveal four words. Now match the towers on the floor with the amount of letter per word. So 6, 4, 5, 6. Then you can escape and you have finished the game.

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  1. help! can’t go through door 24.. i’ve tried lighting the torches then pull the levels in every possible way but didn’t work…

  2. 16 not working for me turned device screen down noothing happaning I’m use androids tz pad maybe the six axsis is diffrent but it worked on all the levlels b 4 any one else hav dis prob r is it me
    Maybe I’m not waitting long enough how long is it supose to take

  3. On level 28, where everyone is saying there are no balloons, you complete the level by touching the dots to turn them green in this order (to match the pattern above the door):

    Bottom left, top left, bottom right, top right, middle right, middle left

    At this point, all the lights will be green, and the light above the door will turn green.

    Finished all the levels 🙂 want more!!

    1. Put the dials so that the red sections of the right dials, are the mirror image of the red sections on the left dials.

  4. Android version of level 28 is different tap right bototm button the right top same order on left side them right middle then left middle door will open

  5. press the top button on the second row, the the bottom the move on to the bottom button on the tird row, then the top, the the last button on the fourth row, then finally the button on the first row, then you should be able to open the door

  6. I can’t get 34 to work. It only turns green for the first clock but no matter what I do for the next clock I can’t get it to turn green

  7. Does anyone know why the acer iconia won’t pass level 31? Has anyone else had problems with this? If so what did you do to pass it/get it to work?

  8. I. Tried the hint on 47 and still can’t do it.. it will not work and I have been on this level for 2 days now. Help

  9. My # 28 (Android) has six buttons that go from white to green, no balloons at all. The instructions don’t work as the screen doesn’t match. First cheat I use and it doesn’t work! ARUGH!

  10. [email protected] says:

    no.16 wont work please help!!!

  11. Hey on level 16 i couldn’t go through.. I’m using HTC ONE X phone (android) and still not working.. 🙁 HELP

  12. hi its emily bringing your update on the fabulous website. yes i called it fabulous and thats from the heart. im emily from bbc news saying good night and good sailing

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