Doodle Jump Cheats – (Iphone/Android)

Doodle Jump Cheats for Iphone and Android
Doodle Jump Tips to Get High Score

After losing a stage, you can enter these codes as your name to change the design of your character. The character would look different the next time you start.



Halloween ThemeBoo
Play as an islander from ‘Pocket God’Ooga
Snow/ Holiday themeSnow
Turns the enemies into those from ‘The Creeps’
Play BunnyE.B.
Play BunnyHOP

Hidden Easter level

Enter the passward where it says name after you die on any map of Doodle jump.

Play Easter levelBunny

Infinite Jet Pack Cheats Doodle Jump

In this video I show you How to Hack Doodle Jump. This hack or cheat allows to have INFINITE Rockets. So you can actually have a really High Score to post on Twitter or Facebook!

1. Get Cydia by Jailbreaking
2. Open up Cydia and go to the Manage Tab.
3. And Tap on Source
4. Once you are on Sources, Tap ‘Edit’ and then Tap ‘Add’
5. Type in:
6. Once you have the Repo added, Go on the Search Tab on Cydia
7. Search for ‘Doodle Jump’
8. Tap on ‘Doodle Jump Hack’
9. Tap on Install then Tap on Confirm
10. Return to your Home Screen and Go ahead and open Doodle Jump
11. ENJOY! 😀

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