Dead Trigger 2 tips and cheats

Dead Trigger is a first-person survival horror shooter game for iOS and Android. You play as an armed survivor of the zombie apocalypse, with the goal of surviving, gathering other survivors, and killing hordes of the undead. Here are some tips and tricks to get you rolling in the apocalypse.


    1. The good old trick of setting your device’s time and date settings work here too for quick money. Play in the Casino until it prohibits you from doing so, then close the game, set your date forward a day, start game again and play Casino. Rinse and repeat for some quick money.
    2. Another good money farming strategy is to camp in the power-up corner in the Stadium of the Dead survival level and keep shooting at the zombies until you die or run out of ammo. Between levels run out for some ammo, first aid kits and bandages. Use the latter only when absolutely necessary. Using this strategy it is very easy to make it to at least level 15-20, if not further.

      DEAD TRIGGER 2 Android IOS Walkthrough

  1. The most useful items are grenades against the regular guy zombies, mines versus SWAT zombies, and Slow Time versus any hairy situation, such as the boss spitting green goo.
  2. Upgrade your Health as soon as possible to survive better. Also consider picking Bandages over the First Aid Kit, as those do a decent enough healing and you can carry more of them.
  3. Never reload your weapon before checking the radar for any skulking baddies around. If you find constantly hitting the reload button by accident, move it away in the Controls menu.
  4. dead_trigger_1
    Try lining up the zombies for easier shots so that you won’t have to make adjustments to your aim after each kill.
  5. Always aim for the head, but pay attention if they really died? Some weaker guns won’t penetrate their skulls with a single shot, so shoot twice if they keep coming at you.
  6. Each mission has a recommended set of weapons put there by Madfinger. Often it is wise to heed their advice if you have those weapons at hand.
  7. Use explosive barrels and traps to your advantage whenever you find them. Lure enemies near them and shoot at the barrels for ammo conservation.
  8. Watch out for the shiny cases, these contain lots of money; collect these whenever you stumble upon them.
  9. As soon as you get two weapons, purchase the additional weapon slot for a third weapon.
  10. Dead Trigger 2 – HACKS/Cheats Video

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