Cooking Fever Android & iPhone Cheats + Tips to get Gems

Cooking Fever is a free to play restaurant- and cooking-themed time manager game. You need to take into consideration every customer’s request and deliver them their food in a timely manner. Here are tips and tricks for this game.

1. This game is level-based, and as such the following advice can be really useful here: grind the previously unlocked levels for more starts, more coins and points. This will help you in obtaining more and more upgrades to help you in the later levels.











2. When purchasing upgrades, go for the ones that let you cook more food at once; this will help you immensely in the timed levels, and also in the normal ones by enabling you to cook more food at the same time, making customers’ wait that shorter.

Cooking Fever Video Level 1-5 Tips & Walkthrough


3. To make their wait more bearable and longer, purchase interior objects such as the television for longer wait times, better tables and chairs for longer tip times, and dosco lights for more amount of tips.

4. If you can’t keep up with the customers, don’t collect the money after the leavers. This will give you a little breathing room to catch up, as money on a table means n one can occupy that spot until you collect it. Also don’t purchase the More Customers upgrade if you are already struggling with the amount of them arriving.

5. You will earn Gems every time you level up. Around 1-5 gems are given per level, so don’t spend real money on these.

6. Keep a close eye on customers’ faces. Their expressions go in order from happy, to concerned, to sad, to angry before they eventually decide to leave. This will help you a lot in deciding whom to serve first.

Cooking Fever – Coins and gems unlimited – Without using hack Video Tutorial

In ten minutes you can get 100 gems

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