Brave Trials tips and tricks

Brave Trials is an action RPG for Android and iPhone. You can pick from three different classes: the Mage, the Fighter and the Rogue, each with their own playstyles and skills. You also have access to various pets called Faen, of which two can be brought into dungeons as active helpers, and other two can be used as passive supports.

  1. For quicker leveling, especially in the beginning, make sure you do all of the Daily Quests given to you. These award tons of Experience and Coins, with a very small trickle of Gems, the premium currency. Use the Auto function to quickly complete Trials which you have overleveled a bit.
  2. When upgrading or replacing items, keep in mind that you can disassemble most items with a 100% comeback, meaning that all of your materials and Coins will be refunded. The same applies to Faen animals when you evolve them by Rebirthing. Exceptions to this are Grade 1 and 2 Faen, since those are unable to be reborn.
  3. Increase your Power (PWR) simply by getting, buying or crafting better gear and Faen. Replay certain Elite Trials a few times to get higher graded Faen to drop, as those are much better in both attacking and passive supporting than lower levels.
  4. Make sure to also equip your Faen with the most powerful items, as the passive bonuses are conferred to your character.
  5. Do Trials in parties with others! The main reason for this is if you die and you stay on the YOU LOST screen, you will still get the rewards if the other party members succeed.
  6. When fighting World Bosses, go to the very left or very right side of the screen to avoid its arms and flail attacks. Save your invulnerability for their one-shot attacks.
  7. Don’t waste Gems on  resetting trial chances, respawning in world boss fights, or re-rolling crests; instead, save them for stamina breads, Faen rerolls and Gold or Silver chest keys.
  8. In the Arena you’ll fight versus AI-controlled avatars of other players. Gear up really well for these, and learn the AI patterns for all three classes. Fighters and Rogues always pop invulnerability right at the start, and Mages will use their buffs and debuffs immediately. So keep running from them until their effects wear off, and nuke them just after they wore off.

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