Blood Brothers (Android) Cheats & Walkthrough

Even the righteous must sometimes leave their mark in blood…

Blood Brothers has thrilling battles, mysterious characters, and a story that will keep you riveted from start to finish! This dark fantasy RPG from Mobage is easy to learn, but difficult to master — an experience unlike any you’ve had, right at your fingertips.

As hero turned vampire, you must seek out allies and bind with them in a ritual of blood. Together, you will stand against a mighty empire in a tale of vengeance and rebirth. Choose your character from knights, samurai, high elves, dark elves, apes, lizard men, dwarves, and goblins, then build a powerful party that’s all your own!

★ Raise fallen heroes from their graves.
★ Customize your party to fight the enemy on your terms.
★ Visit exotic areas from tranquil villages to fetid swamps.
★ Rain destruction on your enemies with archery, magic, and ninjutsu.
★ Explore new areas and face new creatures with downloadable updates.

The world of Blood Brothers knows no bounds!

After the tutorial, you’ll be prompted to add a friend code in exchange for some nice gold and coin rewards. If you don’t have one available at the time, you can head back to the ID submission page from the main page by hitting the Info button and submitting it later. Note however that you need to submit a code within three days of downloading the game to receive the reward.

Looking for your own ID to share within the community? Head to the Board section of the main menu and your ID will be listed in very small writing in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Currently No Cheats For Blood Brothers! Leave a Comment below, if you like to share tips or cheats with other users for Blood Brothers!

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